Nominations are now closed for the SMA Special Service Awards - Distinguished Service Award, Seale Harris Award and Dr. Robert D. and Alma W. Moreton Original Research Award. These prestigious awards are bestowed on those physicians who illustrate dedication and devotion to their chosen profession and whose outstanding achievements have had a positive impact on medicine and/or the Association. Contact Kendra Blackmon for additional information, or 800-423-4992, ext. 164.

Distinguished Service Award
Established at the Annual Meeting in 1955, this award is presented to a physician in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of medical science and/or the Association.

Dr. Robert D. and Alma W. Moreton Original Research Award
Established during the 1961 Annual Meeting, this award is presented to a physician in recognition of original research in clinical medicine or the basic sciences as applied to medicine.

Seale Harris Award
Established at the New Orleans meeting in 1958 and is presented to a physician in recognition of important research accomplishments in the broad field of metabolism, endocrinology, or nutrition, or for significant accomplishments contributing to a better understanding of the chemical changes occuring in disease.

Distinguished Service Award
Previous Recipients

1956 Curtice Rosser, MD, Dallas, TX
1957 Kenneth M. Lynch, MD, Charleston, SC
1958 T.W. Moore, MD, Huntington, WV
1959 R.L. Sanders, MD, Memphis, TN
1960 Everett S. Lain, MD, Oklahoma City, OK
1961 George E. Burch, MD, New Orleans, LA
1962 Wilburt C. Davison, MD, Durham, NC
1963 Fount Richardson, MD, Fayetteville, AR
1964 Hollis E. Johnson, MD, Nashville, TN
1965 Milford O. Rouse, MD, Dallas, TX
1967 Robert D. Moreton, MD, Houston, TX
1968 M. Pinson Neal, Sr., MD, Columbia, MO
1969 R. H. Kampmeier, MD, Nashville, TN
1970 Joe T. Nelson, MD, Weatherford, TX
1971 Seymour F. Ochsner, MD, New Orleans, LA
1972 Charles M. Caravati, MD, Richmond, VA
1973 Edgar Hull, MD, Pascagoula, MS
1974 Woodard D. Beacham, MD, New Orleans, LA
1975 George H. Yeager, MD, Baltimore, MD
1976 J. Garber Galbraith, MD, Birmingham, AL
1977 Harris D. Riley, Jr., MD, Oklahoma City, OK
1978 N.C. Hightower, Jr., MD, Temple, TX
1979 Margaret S. Klapper, MD, Birmingham, AL
1980 Howard L. Holley, MD, Birmingham, AL
1981 Walter C. Jones, MD, Coral Gables, FL
1982 George M. Haik, MD, New Orleans, LA
1983 Phillip W. Voltz, Jr., MD, San Antonio, TX
1984 H. William Scott, Jr., MD, Nashville, TN
1985 James C. Tanner, Jr., MD, Atlanta, GA
1986 John Adriani, MD, New Orleans, LA
1987 John B. Thomison, MD, Nashville, TN
1988 Albert C. Esposito, MD, Huntington, WV
1989 Hiram C. Polk, Jr., MD, Louisville, KY
1990 Lenox D. Baker, MD, Durham, NC
1991 G. Thomas Jansen, MD, Little Rock, AR
1992 Charles E. Horton, MD, Norfolk, VA
1993 Edward T. Krementz, MD, New Orleans, LA
1994 M. Pinson Neal, Jr., MD, Richmond, VA
1995 J. Leonard Goldner, MD, Durham, NC
1996 Thomas B. Dameron, Jr., MD, Raleigh, NC
1997 James E. Davis, MD, Durham, NC
1998 C. Thorpe Ray, MD, New Orleans, LA
1999 H. Mac Vandiviere, MD, Lancaster, KY
2000 Robert E. Pickard, MD, South Miami, FL
2001 Jack C. Hughston, MD, Columbus, GA
2002 George S. Ellis, Sr., MD, New Orleans, LA
2003 J. Patrick O'Leary, MD, New Orleans, LA
2004 J. Lee Dockery, MD, Gainesville, FL
2005 J. Graham Smith, Jr., MD, Mobile, AL
2006 John B. Lynch, MD, Nashville, TN
2007 James C. Waites, MD, Laurel, MS
2008 Hugh E. Stephenson, Jr., MD, Columbia, MO
2009 Jean Edwards Holt, MD, MPH, San Antonio, TX
2010 Louis A. Cancellaro, MD, PHD, Johnson City, TN
2010 Stanley G. Shaffer, MD, Haiti
2011  David C. Jacks, MD, Pine Bluff, AR

Seale Harris Award
Previous Recipients

1959 Tom Douglas Spies, MD, Birmingham, AL
1960 Nicholas C. Hightower, Jr., MD, Temple, TX
1961 Henry H. Turner, MD, Oklahoma City, OK
1962 Howard L. Holley, MD, Birmingham, AL
1963 Joe M. Blumberg, MD, Brigadier General
1967 Julian M. Ruffin, MD, Durham, NC
1970 Grace Goldsmith, MD, New Orleans, LA
1972 John T. Galambos, MD, Atlanta, GA
1973 Stanley J. Dudrick, MD, Houston, TX
1974 H. Harlan Stone, MD, Atlanta, GA & Robert S. Nelson, MD, Houston, TX
1975 W. Dean Warren, MD, Atlanta, GA
1976 John S. Fordtran, MD, Dallas, TX
1980 Elliot Weser, MD, San Antonio, TX
1981 Constance Pittman, MD, Birmingham, AL
1982 Hiram C. Polk, MD, Louisville, KY
1983 Addison B. Scoville, Jr., MD, Nashville, TN
1984 Edward M. Copeland, III, MD, Gainesville, FL
1986 James M. Moss, MD, Alexandria, VA
1987 J. Claude Bennett, MD, Birmingham, AL
1988 Albert L. Hyman, MD, New Orleans, LA
1990 Paul G. McDonough, MD, Augusta, GA
1991 Vardarman M. Buckalew, Jr., MD, Winston-Salem, NC
1992 Basil I. Hirschowitz, MD, Birmingham, AL
1993 Buris R. Boshell, MD, Birmingham, AL
1994 James A. Pittman, Jr., MD, Birmingham, AL
1995 Antonio M. Gotto, Jr., MD, Houston, TX
1996 David A. Clark, MD, New Orleans, LA
1997 Samuel Eichold, MD, Mobile, AL
1998 Alan L. Buchman, MD, Houston, TX
2002 David S. H. Bell, MD, Birmingham, AL
2003 Aaron I. Vinik, MD, Norfolk, VA
2004 James W. Anderson, MD, Lexington, KY
2010 James R. Sowers, MD, Columbia, MO

Dr. Robert D. and Alma W. Moreton Original Research Award
Previous Recipients

1968 Donald E. McCollum, MD, Durham, NC
Robert S. Matthews, MD, Greenville, SC
Michael T. O'Neill, MD, Durham, NC
1973 Gilbert H. Fletcher, MD, Houston, TX
1974 John W. Kirklin, MD, Birmingham, AL
1975 Cornelia P. Channing, PhD, Baltimore, MD
1978 Bruce Schoenberg, MD, Bethesda, MD
1980 George W. Molnar, PhD, Little Rock, AR
1981 John Barry McCraw, MD, Norfolk, VA
1983 Howard W. Jones, MD, Norfolk, VA
Georgeanna Seegar Jones, MD, Norfolk, VA
1986 Franz H. Messerli, MD, New Orleans, LA
1989 David W. Bilheimer, MD, New Orleans, LA
1990 James A. Roberts, MD, Covington, LA
1992 Joseph G. Sinkovics, Tampa, FL
1993 John J. Costanzi, MD, Austin, TX
1994 Paul C. Gillette, MD, Charleston, SC
1995 R. Neal Garrison, MD, Louisville, KY
1996 Richard W. McCallum, MD, Kansas City, KS
1997 Eugene A. Woltering, MD, New Orleans, LA
1998 Steven D. Wexner, MD, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2000 Mark Abel, MD, Charlottesville, VA
2004 Richard deShazo, MD, Jackson, MS
2005 Razelle Kurzrock, MD, Belleaire, TX
2010 Bogdan Czerniak, MD, PHD, Houston, TX
2011  Mark G. Martens, MD, Neptune, NJ













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