PPACA Updates

In a surprising 5-4 majority, the Supreme  Court largely let stand President Obama’s healthcare plan. 

Supreme Court Lets Health Law Largely Stand, in Victory for President Obama
The Supreme Court on Thursday upheldPresident Obama’s health care overhaul law, saying its requirement that most Americans obtain insurance or pay a penalty was authorized by Congress’s power to levy taxes. (New York Times)

Supreme Court Upholds President Obama’s Healthcare Law
The Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama’s healthcare law on Thursday in an election-year triumph for him and fellow Democrats who championed the most sweeping overhaul since the 1960s of the unwieldy U.S. healthcare system. (Reuters)

States Face Tough Choice on Medicaid Funds
The U.S. Supreme Court ruling on President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul forces Republicans in states that opposed the measure to make a difficult choice. (Bloomberg)

GOP Vows to Take Reform Fight Into November
Mitt Romney and other Republicans who oppose the healthcare law are looking ahead to one remaining avenue of appeal: the ballot box in November. (New York Times)

HealthCare Ruling Prompts Cursing on Both Sides
Curses, curses: The Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling has sparked a round of profanity. (USA Today)

For text from the Supreme Court Ruling click here.  Supreme Court Opinion

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