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A major component of the Southern Medical Association is Education and we strive to bring you interesting and useful content that has an Education or Professional Development theme.

Emergency sign.

Know Before You Go

by Deb Peabody My husband recently fell seriously ill on an extended vacation to France. The hotel physician referred him … Continue reading Know Before You Go...
Water splash.

Seismic Shifts

by Joan K. Lingen, MD, FACOG First it was hormone replacement and the results of the Women’s Health Initiative study … Continue reading Seismic Shifts...
Recording capabilities of smartphones.
Screen showing heartrate on a medical kiosk.

Medical Kiosks

  Increases in the rates of heart disease and diabetes mellitus and the cost of routine testing prompted innovators in … Continue reading Medical Kiosks...
Body Camera

Body Cameras and Medicine

Everywhere you go, there you are. Especially on camera. For better or worse, we are now inured to being observed … Continue reading Body Cameras and Medicine...