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Bioethics & Medical Education.

Addresses ethical considerations in patient care, including ethical dilemmas, physician duties to patients, and end-of-life decision-making. Includes all aspects of medical education throughout the continuum from medical school to lifelong learning.

Volume: 110, February 2017

Resident and Faculty Perceptions of Chart-Stimulated Recall

Stephen R. Holt, MD, MS, Andre N. Sofair, MD, MPH

Abstract: Objectives: Chart-stimulated recall (CSR) is a case-based interviewing technique advocated by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education as an assessment tool across a variety of clinical competencies, yet resident and faculty perceptions of this exercise have...
Volume: 110, January 2017

Commentary on “Integrating Spirituality into Outpatient Practice in the Adventist Health System”

John R. Peteet, MD

Abstract: Most research correlates religion with health outcomes positively, and there is growing interest in integrating spirituality into medical practice, particularly in the areas of oncology1 and mental health.2 The question of how to integrate spirituality with medical care...
Volume: 110, January 2017

Integrating Spirituality Into Outpatient Practice in the Adventist Health System

Harold G. Koenig, MD, Kathleen Perno, RN, CLC, Ted Hamilton, MD

Abstract: Objectives: We examined Adventist Health System (AHS)–affiliated providers and staff regarding controversial spiritual practices such as praying led by a practitioner, sharing of personal religious beliefs, and encouraging patients’ religious beliefs for health...
Volume: 110, January 2017

A Review of Tenure for Black, Latino, and Native American Faculty in Academic Medicine

Zedeena E. Fisher, MS, José E. Rodríguez, MD, Kendall M. Campbell, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Tenure policies in US medical schools have been under scrutiny for decades while black/African American, Latino, and Native American faculty continue to be underrepresented in medicine. As medical institutions seek to improve diversity, tenure continues to be a...
Volume: 110, January 2017

Physician Aid in Dying in the US South: What Does the Future Hold?

Keith M. Swetz, MD, MA, Michael D. Barnett, MD, MS, Arif H. Kamal, MD, MBA, MHS, J. Keith Mansel, MD

Abstract: The issue of physician aid in dying (PAD) has been front and center in the media, with the state of California on June 9, 2016, legalizing the writing of a lethal prescription for patients with terminal illness. California has joined Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and Montana...