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Encompasses the entire field and disciplines of internal medicine, as well as family medicine and general medicine. Addresses the wide-range of non-surgical diseases and disorders (diagnosis and treatment), pharmacological therapy, evidence-based practice, and interdisciplinary patient care.

Volume: 110, February 2017

Predictors of the Need for Therapeutic Intervention in Older Adult Patients With a Nonvariceal Gastrointestinal Bleed

Khalid Abusaada, MD, Xiaoping He, MD, Fnu Asad-Ur-Rahman, MD, Umair Majeed, MD, Evgeny Idrisov, MD, Sameen Khalid, MD, Xiang Zhu, MS, Vladimir Pech, MD, George Everett, MD

Abstract: Objective: Gastrointestinal bleeding (GIB) is a common cause of hospitalization in the older adult population. The aim of the study was to identify factors that are associated with the need for a therapeutic intervention in patients older than 65 years with nonvariceal...
Volume: 110, February 2017

Timeliness of Treatment Initiation and Associated Survival Following Diagnosis of Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer in South Carolina

Jarrod T. Bullard, MPA, Jan M. Eberth, PhD, Amanda K. Arrington, MD, Swann A. Adams, PhD, Xi Cheng, MPH, Ramzi G. Salloum, PhD

Abstract: Objectives: Non–small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patient survival depends on a number of factors, including early diagnosis and initiation of treatment. Standard treatment options for patients with NSCLC include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. The objective of...
Volume: 110, February 2017

Psoriasis and Cardiomyopathy: A Review of the Literature

Taimoor Hashim, MD, Amier Ahmad, MD, Ayesha Chaudry, MD, Rami Khouzam, MD

Abstract: Psoriasis is an idiopathic chronic immune-mediated skin condition in which the body’s immune system undergoes several derangements, including increased antigen presentation by T cells and increased T-helper cell type 1 cytokines, resulting in skin lesions as well as...
Volume: 110, February 2017

Association Between Multiple Modifiable Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension among Asymptomatic Patients in Central Appalachia

Hadii M. Mamudu, PhD, MPA, Timir K. Paul, MD, PhD, Liang Wang, MD, DrPH, Sreenivas P. Veeranki, MBBS, DrPH, Hemang B. Panchal, MD, MPH, Arsham Alamian, MSc, PhD, Matthew Budoff, MD

Abstract: Objectives: The central Appalachian region of the United States is disproportionately burdened with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and associated risk factors; however, research to inform clinical practice and policies and programs is sparse. This study aimed to examine the...
Volume: 110, February 2017

Hereditary Angioedema: Implications of Management

Mohini Pathria, MD, Guha Krishnaswamy, MD, Juan C. Guarderas, MD

Abstract: Hereditary angioedema (HAE) is a genetic condition that is characterized by frequent episodes of localized angioedema. It is a rare disorder that a primary care provider, otolaryngologist, dermatologist, or rheumatologist may encounter only occasionally. This disease is...