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Volume: 109, February 2016

10 Practice Recommendations in Adult Vaccination Administration

Benjamin J. Oldfield, MD, Rosalyn W. Stewart, MD, MS

Abstract: Although the provision of immunoprophylaxis to children has become routine in the practice of pediatric preventive care, the same is not true in adult primary care. Contributing to this problem is a lack of knowledge among providers of adult preventive care. This review...
Volume: 109, February 2016

Changes in Nonosteoporotic Bone Density and Subsequent Fractures in Women

Alfred K. Pfister, MD, Christine A. Welch, MS, Molly John, MD, Mary K. Emmett, PhD

Abstract: Objectives: Osteopenia is considerably more common than osteoporosis and accounts for most of the fracture burden in women older than 50 years. It is uncertain when to initiate treatment in osteopenia. We sought to determine in women with osteopenia what effect...
Volume: 109, February 2016

Iatrogenic Subclinical Hyperthyroidism Does Not Promote Weight Loss

Rohit Kedia, DO, Alicia Lowes, DO, Sarah Gillis, MD, Ronald Markert, PhD, Thomas Koroscil, MD, PhD

Abstract: Objectives: Among patients who have undergone total thyroidectomy, do those with thyroid cancer being kept iatrogenically subclinical hyperthyroid (SCH) differ from euthyroid patients in long-term weight change? Methods: In a retrospective study, medical records...
Volume: 109, February 2016

Pediatric Dyslipidemia: Recommendations for Clinical Management: Erratum

None Available

Abstract: In the article that published on page 7 of the January 2015 issue, incorrect data were provided in Table...
Volume: 109, February 2016

Senior Medical Student Mock Interview Program in Pediatrics

Sara Multerer, MD, Becky Carothers, MD, Pradip D. Patel, MD, Craig Ziegler, MS, Michael Rowland, PhD, Deborah Winders Davis, PhD

Abstract: Objectives: Residency interviews play an integral part in medical residency placement. We aimed to develop and evaluate a mock interview program for fourth-year medical students interested in a pediatric specialty. Methods: A mock interview program for fourth-year...