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Volume: 109, July 2016

Authors’ Response

Benjamin J. Oldfield, MD, Rosalyn W. Stewart, MBA, MD, MS

Abstract: To the Editor: We appreciate the clarifications provided in the letter by Dr Muncie. We apologize for the typographical errors in our figure. The current recommendations for immunoprophylaxis against pneumococcal disease are indeed confusing and changing frequently. Four...
Volume: 109, July 2016

When Should ED Physicians Use an HIE? Predicting Presence of Patient Data in an HIE

Christine Marie Carr, MD, Steven Howard Saef, MD, MSCR, Jingwen Zhang, MS, Zemin Su, MS, Cathy L. Melvin, PhD, Jihad S. Obeid, MD, Wenle Zhao, PhD, J. Christophe Arnaud, BS, Justin Marsden, BS, Adam B. Sendor, BA, Leslie Lenert, MD, MS, William P. Moran, MD, MS, Patrick D. Mauldin, PhD

Abstract: Objectives: Health information exchanges (HIEs) make possible the construction of databases to characterize patients as multisystem users (MSUs), those visiting emergency departments (EDs) of more than one hospital system within a region during a 1-year period. HIE data can...
Volume: 109, July 2016

Incorporating Patient Satisfaction Metrics in Assessing Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Care Quality: Erratum

No author listed

Abstract: In the article that appeared on pages 372-376 of the June 2015 issue, there is discordance between the text and Figure 1 in the reported outcomes for the metric ‘‘Comfort with Care Plan’’. Please see the corrected figure below that corresponds to the...
Volume: 109, July 2016

Health Information Exchange in the ED: What Do ED Clinicians Think?

Cathy L. Melvin, PhD, MPH, Steven H. Saef, MD, MSCR, Holly O. Pierce, MS, Jihad S. Obeid, MD, Christine M. Carr, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Our regional health information exchange (HIE), known as Carolina eHealth Alliance (CeHA)-HIE, serves all major hospital systems in our region and is accessible to emergency department (ED) clinicians in those systems. We wanted to understand reasons for low...
Volume: 109, July 2016

A Comprehensive View of Frequent Emergency Department Users Based on Data from a Regional HIE

Steven Howard Saef, MD, MSCR, Christine Marie Carr, MD, Jeffrey S. Bush, MD, Marc T. Bartman, MD, Adam B. Sendor, BA, Wenle Zhao, PhD, Zemin Su, MS, Jingwen Zhang, MS, Justin Marsden, BS, J. Christophe Arnaud, BS, Cathy L. Melvin, PhD, Leslie Lenert, MD, MS, William P. Moran, MD, MS, Patrick D. Mauldin, PhD, Jihad S. Obeid, MD

Abstract: Objectives: A small but significant number of patients make frequent emergency department (ED) visits to multiple EDs within a region. We have a unique health information exchange (HIE) that includes every ED encounter in all hospital systems in our region. Using our HIE we...