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Volume: 109, May 2016

Tobacco Use Patterns in a Southern US HIV Clinic

Madelyne C. Bean, PharmD, Lauren E. Richey, MD, MPH, Kristen Williams, MD, Amy E. Wahlquist, MS, †J. Michael Kilby, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Smoking rates are two to three times higher among people living with HIV and AIDS compared with the general population, but the prevalence of tobacco use among this population in the Charleston, SC region has not been established. To understand cigarette use,...
Volume: 109, May 2016

Echocardiography-Defined Pulmonary Hypertension in Multiple Myeloma: Risk Factors and Impact on Outcomes

Rahul G. Sangani, MD, Matthew Butler, MD, H. Lester Kirchner, PhD, Andrea Berger, MAS, Jason A. Stamm, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Survival of patients with multiple myeloma (MM) has improved as a result of therapeutic advances. There is evidence that some patients with MM develop pulmonary hypertension (PH). The objective of this study was to identify risk factors of echocardiographic PH...
Volume: 109, May 2016

Commentary on “The Scrub Revolution: From Hospital Uniform to Public Attire”

G. Richard Holt, MD, MSE, MPH, MABE, DBioethics

Abstract: I n this issue of the Southern Medical Journal, Callahan and Seifi raise concerns about the propriety and potential risks of healthcare personnel wearing ‘‘scrub’’ uniforms outside their intended environments.1 Their concerns are threefold--microbiological, patient...
Volume: 109, May 2016

Prospective Evaluation of the Clinical Features of Choledocholithiasis: Focus on Abdominal Pain

C. Mel Wilcox, MD, MSPH, Hwasoon Kim, PhD

Abstract: Objectives: Although abdominal pain is a cardinal feature of choledocholithiasis, there has been little formal study of the features of pain in this condition. The objective of this study was to prospectively evaluate the clinical, laboratory, and radiological features of...
Volume: 109, May 2016

The Scrub Revolution: From Hospital Uniform to Public Attire

Bahinah C. Callahan, BS, Ali Seifi MD, FACP

Abstract: Wander into a coffee shop in the heart of a medical center around 3 PM and you will find many people wearing ‘‘scrub’’ uniforms as they order their afternoon pick-me-up. These people may be physicians, nurses, or surgical assistants, but they also could be...