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Volume: 109, December 2016

The Value of Physical Examination: A New Conceptual Framework

Junaid Zaman, MA, MD, Abraham Verghese, MD, Andrew Elder, MD

Abstract: The physical examination defines medical practice, yet its role is being questioned increasingly, with statistical comparisons of diagnostic accuracy often the sole metric used against newer technologies. We set out to highlight seven ways in which the physical...
Volume: 109, December 2016

Back to the Past for the Future of Medicine: Special Series on Bedside Medicine

G. Richard Holt, MD, MSE, MPH, MABE, DBioethics

Abstract: The Southern Medical Journal is pleased and honored to publish a special series on bedside medicine and to welcome Drs Andrew Elder and Abraham Verghese as the guest editors. These two world-class humanists, clinicians, and medical educators are leading the effort to...
Volume: 109, December 2016

Transfusion Requirements in ESRD Patients Admitted with GI Hemorrhage Undergoing Inpatient Endoscopy

Conor McCartney, MD, Shrihari Santosh, PhD, Setu Patolia, MD, Sadashiv Santosh, MD

Abstract: Objectives: To date there are no studies evaluating the utilization of blood products in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) with gastrointestinal (GI) hemorrhage. This study estimated transfusion needs and determined predictors available at the time of admission...
Volume: 109, December 2016

See ME Differently

Randy Glick, BSB/PM, MCP

Abstract: Editor’s Note: In November 2016 at the Southern Medical Association’s (SMA) Annual Scientific Assembly, Randy Glick, SMA’s Executive Director, introduced the organization’s vision to “See ME Differently.” The following perspective details some of the shifts in...
Volume: 109, December 2016

Integrating Behavioral Health into Pediatric Primary Care: Implications for Provider Time and Cost

Natasha Gouge, PhD, Jodi Polaha, PhD, Rachel Rogers, MD, Amy Harden, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Integrating a behavioral health consultant (BHC) into primary care is associated with improved patient outcomes, fewer medical visits, and increased provider satisfaction; however, few studies have evaluated the feasibility of this model from an operations...