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Volume: 108, November 2015

Author Degrees in Medical Publishing: Choice or Convenience?

Arjun Gupta, MD, Samar Harris, MD, Harris V. Naina, MD

Abstract: To the Editor: A majority of journals cite author degrees in published material. This is common practice; however, we have found inconsistencies in the reported medical degrees of medical journal authors. Giving our own example, one article would cite an author to possess...
Volume: 108, November 2015

Varied Clinical Manifestations of Amebic Colitis

Chad J. Cooper, MD, MHA, Rhonda Fleming, MD, Darius A. Boman, MD, Marc J. Zuckerman, MD

Abstract: Invasive amebiasis is common worldwide, but infrequently observed in the United States. It is associated with considerable morbidity in patients residing in or traveling to endemic areas. We review the clinical and endoscopic manifestations of amebic colitis to alert...
Volume: 108, November 2015

Risk Factors for 30-Day Readmissions of Individuals with Decompensated Cirrhosis

Kriti Agrawal , Paras Kumar , Ronald Markert, PhD, Sangeeta Agrawal, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Patients with cirrhosis have a high rate of 30-day hospital readmission that affects their quality of life and contributes to increased healthcare-related costs. The aim of our study was to identify frequency, predictors, and preventable causes of hospital...
Volume: 108, November 2015

Rest-Only Myocardial CT Perfusion in Acute Chest Pain

Dustin M. Thomas, MD, Christopher W. Larson, DO, Michael K. Cheezum, MD, Todd C. Villines, MD, Kelley R. Branch, MD, MS, Ron Blankstein, MD, Ricardo C. Cury, MD, Ahmad M. Slim, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Cardiac computed tomography perfusion (CTP) using stress testing is an emerging application in the field of cardiac computed tomography. We evaluated patients with acute chest pain (CP) in the emergency department (ED) with evidence of obstructive coronary...
Volume: 108, November 2015

The South Carolina HIV Cascade of Care

Babatunde Edun, MD, Medha Iyer, MD, PhD, Helmut Albrecht, MD, Sharon Weissman, MD

Abstract: Objectives: In recent years, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cascade of care describing the spectrum of engagement in HIV care from diagnosis to virologic suppression has been used widely in determining the progress and success in public health efforts to control the...