SMA – Disaster Preparedness


Disaster can strike your life anywhere, anytime, and in many different ways, shapes, and sizes.  Are you prepared?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “Disaster” as a sudden calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, or destruction; a sudden or great misfortune or failure.

But what about other types of disasters?  We sometimes find ourselves in “disastrous” situations that may not be a result of the “typical” definition.

The purpose of this website is to assist you in becoming organized, no matter what the circumstances, by providing helpful references, checklists, and links.   There are many websites available with helpful information, and we’ve put together – in one place – the information you need to know.

In the event of a disaster, this site will be updated with additional information as it pertains to the area(s) affected.  We welcome your input!  Please send suggestions to:

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