March 2018, Volume 111 - Issue 3

Commentary on “Awareness and Knowledge Among Internal Medicine Resident Trainees for Dose Adjustment of Analgesics and Neuropsychotropic Medications in CKD”

Gunjan Garg, MD, Julie Wright Nunes, MD, MPH

Abstract: Research highlights that there is a need to reinforce nephrology-specific education in medical trainees.1 Similar to many internal medicine subspecialties, nephrology continues to evolve with respect to the treatment and management of complex patients—in this case, those...

(pp 163-164)

The Inaccuracy of Accuracy

Anthony C. Breu, MD

Abstract: When Sharon and I learned that she was pregnant with our first child, everything was new and exciting. With this development came our first real experiences as a patient and as a patient’s spouse, and with that, came the testing, including first-trimester screening for...

(pp 166-167)

Commentary on “Prevalence of HCV Infection in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease and Treatment with Direct Antiviral Agents”

Duraisamy Balaguru, MD

Abstract: Advances in heart surgery in the past 50 years have provided a high level of survival in children born with congenital heart defects. The estimated number of adults living with repaired, unrepaired, or as-yet-unrecognized congenital heart defects exceeds 1.4...

(pp 142-143)