Online CME Courses

Endocrine Causes of Menstrual Dysfunction: More Common Than You Think

Price: 10 | Credits: .50

This case-based discussion will provide information to assist the learner in identifying endocrine problems earlier when management is easier and more effective.

Substance Use Disorders in Women

Price: 10 | Credits: .75

During this session, an overview of common substance use disorders in women will be discussed, as well as current trends in emerging substances of abuse.

Online CME Courses

Moral Controversy and Working with Colleagues with a Shared Ethical/Moral Outlook: A National Survey of US Primary Care Physicians

Price: 10 | Credits: 1

In this national study of PCPs, physicians who identified as religious, spiritual, or having a high sense of calling were found to place a stronger emphasis on the importance of shared ethical/moral outlook with work colleagues regarding morally controversial healthcare practices.

Online CME Courses

Clinical Dilemmas: Vulvovaginitis and Vulvodynia

Price: 10 | Credits: 1.25

This activity will review the most common etiologies of vulvovaginitis, focusing on proper evaluation and therapeutic strategies for chronic and recurrent disease. Additionally, the new definition of vulvodynia and a clear diagnostic approach and treatment plan for this chronic pain disorder will be reviewed.