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June 23, 2020

Business of Medicine Podcasts

The healthcare dynamic is rapidly changing. Understanding the basic fundamentals related to the business of medicine empowers practitioners to advance their skills in, and knowledge of, the business aspects of medicine. SMA’s Business of Medicine Simplified program explores the essentials of everything from reimbursement and compensation models, insurance and risk management, to practice employment and business finance.

Medical Malpractice – Caps, Claims, and COVID

In this podcast, James Richardson and Ric Poirier will discuss medical malpractice claims and insurance. They will provide an examination of state caps and changes, as well as statistical information for different specialties and examples of claim payouts. In addition, they will detail how malpractice attorneys and carriers will handle COVID-19 malpractice lawsuits and will also explore how these items tie into your personal Med Mal policy.

Disability Insurance: Group vs Individual Disability Insurance

With May being Disability Insurance awareness month, we felt it was the perfect time to brush up on our knowledge of disability insurance and address important issues members are experiencing at the time of claim. 

Today we’re talking with Blake Gillies, President of the DI Concierge, in New Orleans Louisiana. Blake and his firm are SMA’s exclusive partner for individual disability insurance.

Later in this podcast, we will be joined by Dr. Clement Cotter, a Board Certified plastic surgeon and owner of Cotter Plastic Surgery in Alabaster, Alabama.

Understanding Fees in Your 401k Plan: For Plan Sponsors

Expert discussion covering things you need to know about 401(k) plan fees if you are sponsoring a plan for your employees.  Why having an understanding of how fees work is critical if you are an employer and an explanation of the four main categories of fees that are in a 401(k)? Join our experts Mark Massey and Rob Masson of SMA Services for Part 1 of our Retirement Series.

Retirement 101: Starting a 401k and What You Need to Know

Included in the discussion is understanding the fundamentals of plan design and how the discrimination testing works in a 401(k). Important information for employers that have a 401(k) plan already or considering starting a new plan for their company. Join Rob Masson and Mark Massey of SMA Services, Inc in the final part of our retirement 101 series.