Physicians are trained to practice medicine. Business Professionals are trained to manage businesses. Often these two roles collide when it comes to solving complex issues related to quality patient care. We know that you want to enjoy the practice of medicine.  To enjoy the practice, you need to understand the business and you need to know where to go for help when you need it.

Since 1906 SMA has evolved to meet the changing needs of physicians. We’ve focused our efforts on creating new educational content dedicated to simplifying the business of medicine. We’ve also developed a “Business of Medicine Advisor Network” giving you access to a suite of business professionals who understand the practice of medicine, are trustworthy, and who will save you money. To further support this effort, you get access to SMA Connect, SMA’s private online community where you and your staff can privately share information with over 4000 of your peers to share experiences, interests, challenges, and successes. 

So check it out. Take this quick, simple assessment that will determine the resources you need to stop feeling frustrated and instead enjoy the practice of medicine by allowing us to help you simplify the Business of Medicine.

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