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September 11, 2020

Eco•pí™️ by Medpaper

What is Eco•pí™️?

Eco•pí™️ is a paper-based, eco-friendly product made in the USA. It simplifies the process of providing a urine sample by eliminating the impossible task of “hitting the cup.” No more messes. No more stress. It is simple and easy for everyone involved. And all for a competitively low price. Ms. Jones and her team are backed by a USA-based Fortune-500 manufacturer to meet your volume needs.


Cleanliness is one of the top three goals Eco•pí™️ will accomplish. The time it takes for lab techs and nurses to clean up after patients who struggle with leaving the sample adds up too much of their day spent in the bathroom cleaning. Eco•pí™️ will also help bring some dignity back into the bathroom. We should not be urinating on our hands, clothes, and anything else in the way at a doctor’s visit. Finally, Eco•pí™️ is an eco-friendly solution. Ms. Jones, the inventor of Eco•pí™️ says, “We are too educated about the negative effects of plastic to continue using plastic for one-time use scenarios in the health system.”

Who it Helps?

Eco•pí™️ is for all people, all sizes. There are several patient types that struggle leaving a urine specimen. The most obvious is women, pregnant or not. Because of the shape of our anatomy, it is difficult for a woman to aim into a small cup. It is also difficult for the elderly patient as well as children. Patients of larger size also struggle and have embarrassing situations happen when participating in this seemingly easy task. It is not easy, and it is time for a device to help. 


  • Assisting patients with urine samples
  • Faster appointment times
  • Less cleanup for staff
  • Eco-friendly

Abbi Jones
CEO of Medpaper
[email protected]

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