Healthcare’s Only Complete ICD-10 Solution

We’ve always made a point to seek out partners that are committed to our high standards and share our values. As a trusted partner, you are as well aware as we are that a successful ICD-10 transition is critical to the financial viability of your members’ practices.

Large or small, physician practices have unique ICD-10 needs. Ready10™ was created to address those needs, and remains healthcare’s premier physician practice-focused ICD-10 solution. To make it even easier to reach your members, we have developed this Ready10™ Business Builder Program so that you can take the lead in preparing your members for the imminent transition.

As you already know, Ready10™ is the easiest, most efficient way for physician practices to prepare for ICD-10. It’s the only single-source solution that delivers everything they need to know and everything they need to do to successfully manage their transition to ICD-10 – and ensure that their reimbursements continue.

Ready10™ Delivers

Ready10™ simplifies the complicated aspects of ICD-10 and delivers step-by-step guidance through every phase of transition. In fact, after the initial setup, spending as little as 15 minutes per day with this simple- to-use, yet incredibly powerful solution can help your members manage their transition to ICD-10 with ease. How confident are we that Ready10™ will get them ready for ICD-10 on time? Confident enough to offer our unique, 100% Money Back ICD-10 Guarantee.

Want us to guide you through the process step by step?
Your choice is Ready10™ Pro.

Want to Do-It-Yourself with the help of some very powerful tools?
Your choice is Ready10™ Basic.

Visit the SMA Ready10™ website for more information and pricing.

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