Dr. Fayez K. Shamieh, SMA Councilor for Louisiana, is an active participant in Physicians for Peace.  As a Physicians for Peace member, Dr. Shamieh has been involved in volunteering in medical missions to needy countries all over the world, particularly the Palestinian West Bank and the Holy Land area.  His most recent trip to the area took place January 21-February 7, 2014, where he was asked by a local Palestinian neurologist to consult on a surgical case some believed might be too difficult  to undertake locally.

In January, the patient, who is a resident of Ramallah, West Bank, began experiencing dizziness and headaches that soon became so severe she was unable to function normally.  An MRI showed a massive tumor in her brain.  After learning of the case and visiting with the patient in her home, Dr. Shamieh consulted his friend and colleague, Dr. Anil Nanda, at University Health in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Dr. Nanda, Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at LSU Health-Shreveport and a member of the World Federation of Neurosurgery, is considered to be one of the best neurosurgeons in the world.

After discussions with the patient and the healthcare teams in Ramallah and Shreveport, a decision was made to bring the patient to Louisiana to undergo the necessary surgery, which was performed by  Dr. Nanda.  Additional efforts by Dr. Shamieh, Dr. Nanda, and University Health, also helped to lessen the cost of the procedure and travel expenses for the patient and her family.  Following receipt of the final pathology reports, Dr. Nanda will continue to monitor the patient's progress and treatment long distance so that she may plan to return home to Palestine very soon.

Physicians for Peace is an active organization headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, that supports and empowers healthcare professionals working with the world's under-served populations.   Dr. Shamieh encourages physicians everywhere to review the mission of this remarkable organization.

Dr. Shamieh is the senior member and founder of the Neuro Associates Clinic in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where he lives with his lovely wife, Amal.  He is also currently the medical director of the Neurophysiology and Sleep Lab at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, and is the former 7th district councilor of the Louisiana Astarte Medical Society.

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