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Tier 1

Local & Organic Search - 1 Search term or phrase

Directory Management (Google my business + Zoc Doc + Healthgrades + Yelp)

Website Maintenance & Updates
Reg $1000/mo SMA price $750/mo

Tier 2

Local & Organic Search - 2/3 Search terms or phrases

Website Maintenance & Updates

Directory and review management (Google my business + Zoc Doc + Healthgrades + Yelp)

Access to paid ads (management ad spend not included)

Access to brand building campaign using social Media (management and ad spend not included)
Reg $1500/mo SMA price $1200.00/mo

À La Carte

Local & Organic Search - custom search terms or phrases

Directory and review management (Google my business + Zoc Doc + Healthgrades + Yelp)

Patient review portal on website (helps keep bad reviews off the internet)

Reviews 4 ★ and above automatically added to your website
Management for paid ads

Management for brand building campaign using social Media

Email marketing (additional fees may apply)

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Okay, you've got a website and you're ready to take your online presence to the next level.

Our process is tried and true. We begin by doing our research into your specialties, what your competition is doing, and how we will grow your overall web presence and increase revenue.

Then we optimize your website for the best results, making it easier for Google to better understand who you are and what services you offer.

After that, we carefully choose the best keywords for you and your practice's online presence. This helps us define how your patients find you and allows us to drive valuable traffic to your site.

Local & Organic Search

Search Engine Optimization starts on your website and branches out from there. On Page SEO takes your content and organizes it in a way that makes Google and other search platforms recognize you as the expert in your field.

Next is Local SEO, referring to the immediate vicinity around your practice. Getting people from your community is your primary goal with your online presence. Helping them find you first is the key to growing your practice.

Organic Search is all about showing up when people search for your practice specialty. From General Physicians to specialty surgeons, there's always search terms you need to rank for that aren't always the obvious choice. An example of this is if a general physician showed up in search results for "how to cure a runny nose."

Paid Ads

Paid ads are sort of like billboards for the internet. Showing up at the top, bottom, and sides of your search results, paid ads on platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, puts your practice at the forefront of search results.

There are dozens of places online where paid ads can help to increase revenue and reach potential patients. We offer management solutions for all ad platforms. Our experts will manage your ads and keep you updated of any significant changes in your placement in the search results.

Branding Campaigns

Brand Building Campaigns are a great way to grow your online reputation quickly. Through brand building campaigns, your practice will be displayed in front of thousands of potential patients, making sure they know you are the expert and what services you offer. Great for those practices who are just getting started or wanting to refresh themselves for more exposure online.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an old staple of the internet. Gathering your list of patient email addresses, we can send out updates for your practice, newsletters, and any number of promotions to your established email base.

We can offer multiple ways to distribute your email campaigns, from partner companies to setting up your own domain to send your emails from. We can even provide copywriting services for your emails. With our white glove experience there's no need to lift a finger; we'll do everything for you.

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