Medical Liability Insurance

Medical Liability Insurance

For independent physician practices of all sizes.

The Southern Medical Association has partnered with the Norcal Insurance Company, a Medical Professional Liability Underwriter, to offer SMA physician members potentially significant discounts on their medical malpractice premiums. In many cases, a physician member may save 30%, 40%, or even more depending on their state and specialty.


Medical liability Insurance coverage sometime called Med Mal Insurance, protects health care providers against patients who sue them under the claim that they were harmed by the physician's negligent or intentionally harmful treatment decisions. This coverage can help prevent financial devastation in the event of a lawsuit.

“I was not unhappy with my current carrier so I was hesitant to explore the SMA Malpractice Option. But after comparing coverage and rates, I was shocked at how much money I could save while maintaining superior coverage and defense from an A-Rated National Carrier." - Clement P. Cotter, Jr., MD, MBA

To purchase Medical Professional Liability Insurance, contact Teddy Gillen at 770-591-6353, ext. 5778, or email [email protected]

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How will our Medical Liability Insurance benefit you?

With mounting costs, increasing regulations, red tape, and paperwork, you may feel like your practice is less about patients and more about keeping your head above water.  Southern Medical Association (SMA) has an easy way for you to make a smart business decision about your medical malpractice insurance.

Call Teddy Gillen at 770-591-6353, ext. 5778 for more information about Medical Liability Insurance.

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