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Medical Summit Course Listing

The Enigma of the Southeast: Hypertension and Stroke Risks
Price: $10.00 | Credits: .75

This activity will outline specific factors and interventions that have proven successful in reducing stroke, and clinical practice guidelines outlining target blood pressures.

Intimate Partner Violence
Price: $10.00 | Credits: .75

The goal of this session is to provide clinicians with screening techniques, communication skills, community resources for victims, and skills to recognize patients who may be suffering from depression or other associated health issues related to domestic violence.

Sudden Cardiac Death: Recognizing Cardiac Conditions in the Young Athlete
Price: $10.00 | Credits: 1

The Seattle criteria for interpretation of electrocardiograms (ECGs) in athletes will be discussed, followed by presentation of different ECGs to assist the learner to recognize high risk conditions in athletes that can lead to sudden cardiac death.

Pediatric and Adult Fatty Liver: Diagnosis and Treatment
Price: $10.00 | Credits: 1

The goal of this session is to provide an update regarding the guidelines for diagnosis of fatty liver, including diagnosis and treatment in children versus adults.

Heart Disease in Women
Price: $10.00 | Credits: .75

The goal of this activity is to educate about unique aspects of heart disease and women. The presentation will include review of these unique conditions including: microvascular ischemia, SCAD, cardiac hemodynamics during pregnancy and how to risk stratify women with with cardiac disease prior to pregnancy.

Health Care in the LGBTQ Population
Price: $10.00 | Credits: .75

Many providers are unaware of the unique health disparities that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) patients face. This activity with provide the learners with the opportunity to better understand the unique needs of the LGBT patient, and be able to translate those needs to better clinical care.

Concussion Management
Price: $10.00 | Credits: 1.25

The goal of this activity is to summarize current concussion guidelines to allow prompt recognition of concussions, explain differences in presentation and time course based on age/gender/relevant comorbidities, review return to play work/guidelines, discuss indications for imaging as well as medication and complementary therapies which can facilitate a rapid return to work/play.

Medical Marijuana and the Endocannabinoid System
Price: $10.00 | Credits: .75

The goal of this activity is to update providers about the human endocannabinoid system, how cannabis works with the endocannabinoid system to directly help with disease processes, and how to use cannabis to decrease, or remove other medications patients are using.

Medical Marijuana Use in End of Life Issues and Pain Management
Price: $10.00 | Credits: .50

The use of medical cannabis is increasing in popularity despite our limited understanding about its clinical benefits and evidence. The information presented during this activity is designed to bridge the gap.

Increasing Breast Conservation Using Oncoplastic Techniques
Price: $10.00 | Credits: .50

The goal of this activity is to present data on the safety of oncoplastic procedures, provide clinical examples of offering breast conserving surgery to those considered likely mastectomy candidates while also discussing the risks and benefits.

Keeping Abreast of Hereditary Cancer Syndromes
Price: $10.00 | Credits: .50

The goal of this activity is to provide the learners with an overview of screening and eligibility for genetic counseling and testing of inherited breast cancer syndromes. Included will be a discussion about the implications for risk assessment, surveillance, and treatment guidelines of high and moderate penetrance genes.

Social Media and Physicians
Price: $10.00 | Credits: 1

The goal of this session is to raise awareness on the potential positive impact of digital communication and social media for patient education, to dispel myths, and for advocacy.

Update on Breast Cancer Survivorship
Price: $10.00 | Credits: .25

A recent guideline published jointly by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Cancer Society has provided much needed guidance for healthcare professionals who care for female breast cancer survivors. This activity will provide an overview of implementation of the guideline, to hopefully assist providers to work with survivors to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence and improve the overall health of the patient.

Advances and Challenges in Immunologic Therapy for Breast Cancer
Price: $10.00 | Credits: .50

Immunotherapy is just one of several individualized, personal medical approaches to combating cancer, and it holds promise for many patients, particularly those who struggle with severe side effects from conventional drug, radiation, and hormone therapies.

Domestic Violence Management and Surviorship
Price: $20.00 | Credits: 1.25

Domestic violence is frequently encountered by healthcare providers and should be addressed properly. Victims are often not recognized, and lack of knowledge on adequately identifying domestic violence is commonly presented as a barrier.

HIV/AIDS: Where Are We Now?
Price: $10.00 | Credits: .75

The goal of this activity is to update providers about recognizing the signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS, and populations at risk. The discussion will include the latest in approaches to treatment, new prevention tools, new ways to help stop the spread of HIV infection, and communication strategies to educate patients about the risks of acquiring HIV.

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