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For $320 per year, Physicians get full access to SMA's exclusive benefits package.

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Benefits of SMA Physician Membership

Easy Win

Medical Malpractice Insurance Program

You Deserve an Easy Win

With mounting costs, increasing regulations, red tape, and paperwork, you may feel like your practice is less about patients and more about keeping your head above water.  Southern Medical Association(SMA) has an easy way for you to make a smart business decision about your medical malpractice insurance.

Leveraging the size of its 4,000 members, SMA’s highly discounted Medical Malpractice Insurance Program offers physicians:*

• Significant discounts* usually available only to large healthcare systems
• Potential cost savings up to 50% off* your current rates

Economies of scale make this an easy win.


24x7x365 Medical Air Transport Services

AirMed, the country’s premiere air ambulance provider.

  • Worldwide Evacuations & Repatriations
  • Transport to the hospital of your choice* from any point on the globe
  • 24/7 Medical Services Hotline
  • From a stomach virus to the flu, members have access to AirMed’s extensive network of English-speaking doctors and other specialists worldwide
  • Domestic Transports to Specialty Hospitals (when a hospitalized member requires specialty care at another hospital*)
  • Foreign Travel Advisories (up-to-the-minute global threat assessments)
  • Transport of Mortal Remains

How will AirMed benefit you as a member?

A medical evacuation can cost up to $200,000. But as an AirMed member, the full cost of flight, medical staff and ground transportation is included with your membership. Unlike travel and health insurance, there are no deductibles, no co-pays or claims to file.

Additional Savings on the Family Upgrade Option.

  • Only $195 (nearly 50% off of retail prices)

CALL 800-356-2161 for more information about the Family Upgrade Option


Payroll Management Services

How will Payroll Management
benefit you?

Doubt-free, error-free payroll processes that are seamlessly integrated into your business help to save you time and effort, while automated taxes and reporting keep you compliant. They can prepare your payroll checks, administer your taxes, provide direct deposit and track employees’ time and attendance.


Their cloud-based system allows you complete flexibility and accessibility, while our streamlined services maximize accuracy and efficiency. With multiple payment options, Netchex has the flexibility to fit your needs.

Call contact Kim Woods at 800-423-4992 ext. 192 for more information about Payroll Management.

SMA Member Platinum Card

Get Your Very Own SMA Benefit Visa!

Save money while supporting the Southern Medical Association.

Manage expenses:

  • Tracking purchases on itemized statements
  • Getting extra cards for additional users
  • Making purchases around the world

24/7 account access:

  • Oversee all activity at a glance
  • Manage payment options and transactions
  • Update profile information
  • Set account alerts to track payments and balances
  • Manage accounts, anytime, anywhere

Support Patient Care

The SMA Credit Card Program helps the Southern Medical Association improve the quality of patient care through multidisciplinary, interprofessional education.

Waiting Room Magazines

Reception Room Magazine Subscriptions

Up to 50% off on more than 200 leading magazines

To get more information about Reception Room Magazine Subscriptions, contact:
Vicki Johnson at 800-423-4992 ext. 124.

SMArt Education

CME Training that is Relevant to your practice.
  • Tailored to fit your unique needs.
  • Higher impact on quality.
  • Save travel, time, and lodging costs.
  • Less time away from your practice.
  • Team based… Improves morale and practice culture.

The art of medicine is as unique as your patients. Why isn’t your continuing education? SMA can help you create your own CME Program, or accredit your existing one.

Payment processing.

TSYS® - Secure Electronic Payments

Does the hassle of payment processing keep you from more pressing matters?

We have partnered with TSYS®-Secure, the electronic payments expert to offer complete credit/debit card, eCheck/ACH, recurring payments, email invoicing/receipts and web-based solutions that save your practice time and money.

Maximum Security

Payment Bridge is a PCI-compliant solution that uses the industry's most powerful tools to fight potential fraud, ensuring your payments are secure and your patients' payment information is safe.

For over 30 years, TSYS has been helping healthcare providers process payments and grow their practices.

You do not have to be a member to participate.
However, as a member you will receive many other great benefits.
 To purchase TSYS® - Secure Electronic Payments, 
contact Kim Woods at 800-423-4992 ext. 192.
Basic Website Template Options

SMArt Websites

No Ongoing Fees

We eliminate all the annual fees associated with hosting, domain management and email.  We give you space on our server, purchase, manage, and renew your domain name, and setup an email account. These items are included in your membership.


Your site lives in a tier 1 hosting environment that is stable and secure so your website stays active and available for your patients. SMA uses WordPress® technology, the most prominent system for managing website content.


Getting a web presence established can be daunting. We help you by walking you through the process along with the web designers, then keep it running in a secure reliable hosting environment. Once you determine you want a site, we work with you to acquire your domain name, then connect you with our qualified web designers. You work directly with them to build your site. Fees apply for design and depend on option selected.

While you focus on your practice, we focus on your web presence.

SMA Tours
A Full Service Travel Agency


SMA Tours operates as a Full Service Travel Agency for business and leisure travel, including assistance with air, hotel, car, cruise, and rail arrangements. Our travel consultant has over 25 years of experience in servicing domestic and international travel needs.


  • Corporate Meeting Travel
  • Cruise Package Travel
  • Custom Designed Group or Individual Travel
  • Destination Wedding and/or Honeymoon Travel
  • Incentive Travel
  • Vacation Package Travel

Ready to Fly Away?

Contact Fadwa Shunnarah at
800-423-4992, ext. 109 

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