Podcast | Business of Medicine | October 7, 2021

Diving into the Business of Pain Management in Southeast Louisiana

Physicians-in-Training Communications Chair Christine McEvoy sat down with Dr. Paul Hubbell, a board-certified anesthesiologist practicing pain management in the greater New Orleans area. Dr. Hubbell had a unique path to his current medical business, having previously practiced as a dentist, served as a Colonel in the US Army Medical Corps (Reserves and National Guard), and recovered from a string of  injuries that influenced his desire to go into pain management. His current practice stretches from the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain to the West Bank of the Mississippi River. Dr. Hubbell shared ample advice for trainees and newly minted physicians looking to make their first business decisions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Consider how unique life experiences and training paths influence career choices
  • Consider how patient preferences within a large geographic region influence where patients will seek out medical care
  • Learn about the differences between working in a salaried position for a hospital or physician group vs owning a medical practice
  • Consider how disability insurance can protect young physicians and physicians-in-training when unexpected accidents arise
  • Learn about the current challenges facing pain management practices
  • Examine how the legal profession intersects with the medical profession

Dr. Paul Hubbell III, DDS, MD, Southern Pain and Neurological
Christine McEvoy, M4 at Tulane University School of Medicine