Podcast | Business of Medicine | July 31, 2020

Is Telemedicine Cool?

Today we are joined by Dr. Robb Leigh who serves as Chief Medical Officer for Akos.

Telemedicine has been around for some time, perhaps a couple of decades, although it is still viewed by many as a novelty, it is now impacting healthcare in positive ways by providing better  access to care, especially for patients in remote areas who had no means of seeing providers.

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Dr. Robb Leigh is an emergency physician and has been with Akos since the company’s inception.

Dr. Leigh has 25 years of experience in the medical field and garnered extensive administrative experience serving as Chief Medical Officer for MedAire in Arizona and Medical Director for Diabetic & Neuropathy Treatment Centers in Arizona and California.  As the former Chief Medical Officer for MedAire, he managed a medical team that delivered medical assistance to the travel industry via telemedicine to passengers and crew members of commercial flights, business jets, yachts, and commercial shipping company crews all over the world, and personally managed several thousands of cases.

Dr. Leigh is an experienced emergency physician having worked in that capacity for 15 years.  He has written numerous articles on general health for the population published in various consumer and trade magazines, and co-authored scientific papers.  He brings an extensive experience in teaching medical students, residents, and physicians, and in development and implementation of training modules.  He also brings extensive experience as a reviewer and editor of educational modules and client-facing materials, and has worked closely with marketing departments for years in previous roles.  He was also part of a team that developed and continuously updated comprehensive medical kits that clients carried in their aircrafts, yachts and commercial shipping vessels, some of which spent months at the sea.

Dr. Leigh earned his medical degree at the University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine, Brazil, and completed his residency at the University of Nevada.  Dr. Leigh holds a master’s degree in business administration from Arizona State University.