Podcast | Business of Medicine | November 25, 2020

SMA Health Insurance: Your Practice, Your Plan

Join us for an informational podcast about our latest member benefit product, SMA’s Health Insurance program. We are joined with Daniel Duffy and J.P. Barta of the Legacy Benefits Group. During this podcast, our partners go into detail about the plan, coverages, ACA compliance, and much more. 

Daniel Duffy (In his own words)
I live in Louisville, KY. I am married, have 2 kids and have spent the last 14 years in various roles in the employee benefit industry.
In 2017 I joined The Legacy Benefits Group as Partner/Executive Vice President of Sales. Prior to joining The Legacy Benefits group, I had roles on the carrier side calling on agents/brokers/consultants, and as an independent broker under various brokerage houses/agencies.

My professional passion and mission has always been to deliver forward thinking solutions to forward thinking agents/brokers/employers through proven strategies. I have a unique perspective as I have spent roughly half of my career working on the carrier side in a broker support/marketing role, and the other half as an independent broker working directly with employers.

J.P. Barta

  • Humana Inc.
    • Focused on large group renewals
    • Worked with brokers to ensure timely submissions for renewal groups in the 100+ space
  • Colonial Supplemental
    • District Development manager: 2005 – 2007
    • Sales Rep & Consultant
    • Called on direct groups to sell voluntary benefits. Worked some broker channels
  • The Comprehensive Benefits Group: 2008- 2010
    • Louisville, KY
    • Sales Rep & Consultant
    • Called on brokers to sell Worksite Marketing products
    • Contracted with Humana- enrollment firm for KMG America
    • Worked directly with brokers selling worksite products
    • Built and managed 5 different BenAdmin platforms
    • Ran a call center for enrollment support of nearly 20,000 members
  • AgentLink: 2010- 2014
    • Louisville, KY
    • President/partner of the worksite division I built
    • Called on brokers to sell Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, Worksite Marketing products and Life plans in KY, OH, IN, NC, etc.
    • Worked with nearly 2000 agents
    • Worked as the sole general agency in KY and IN for Anthem, Humana, and United
  • The Legacy Benefits Group: 2014- Present
    • Louisville KY
    • Founder/ Managing Partner
    • Continued an enrollment, call center, and worksite division
    • Became the top Humana worksite sales rep in the country in 2016
    • Called on brokers to sell TPA services for Medical, Dental, Vision,
    • Worked directly with stop loss carriers and underwriters, negotiating new sales and renewals
    • Worked with Reference Based Pricing vendors
    • Worked with several local, regional & national PPO networks
    • Currently the second largest National producer for a level funded program insuring just over 10,000 lives in our book
  • Advisory Health & Wellness: 2018 – present
    • Louisville, KY
    • Developing our own Captive to deliver a consistent stop loss solution for qualified groups
    • Developing a unique, cost-containment strategy with a combination of products and solutions designed to deliver high quality health plans at an affordable price