Podcast | Business of Medicine | October 14, 2020

Digital Healthcare Insurance: Evolving Exposures in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has pushed up the digital evolution of the healthcare industry by years, if not decades.  With the explosion of telemedicine, remote work, and all sorts of tech enabled processes the medical world has sprinted past the traditional insurance products developed to protect assets in a non-digital healthcare landscape.  How is the insurance industry catching up and how does it apply to the risks faced by your practice or facility?

Timothy Boyce
“Healthcare Practice Leader at CFC Underwriting, Ltd – a specialty insurer in London. Tim’s team developed the very first bespoke insurance policy for telemedicine companies which combines medical malpractice (bodily injury), tech E&O, cyber and general liability. CFC are currently the largest specialty insurer of telemedicine providers globally, servicing over 1,000 insureds who offer services across 80 countries.”

James Richardson – Certified Insurance Counselor – with IUL Risk Solutions. James is the administrator of the SMA’s Medical Malpractice Insurance Program. He has been in the insurance industry since 2003.




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