Doctors’ Day Thank You Card 3


Say THANK YOU to your Doctor with 1 of 4 Newly Designed Doctors’ Day greeting cards.

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Have you ever wondered why the apple was cast as the fruit that would keep doctors away? Of course, we are semi-kidding. We know that "keeping the doctor away" insinuates the health benefits of eating an apple, but for one day, we are removing all barriers that keep doctors away. On March 30, the apple's purpose is tabled.

Tell your Doctor THANK YOU with a National Doctors' Day Greeting Card from Southern Medical Association. March 30 is National Doctors' Day. Show your appreciation to the Doctors in your life who have made an impact. It may be your primary care doctor, a specialist, a physician who has given care to you or one of your loved ones, or you may be part of a support team who serves with a doctor. No matter their role in your life, doctors deserve our thanks.

#3 in a set of 4 cards introduced in 2023 by Southern Medical Association. Portrait-oriented. 5" x 7" has room to write personal message on inside spread.

Text on card outside:

an apple a day keeps the doctor away...

Text on card inside:

Happy No Apple Day (on adjacent facing side)

not today, you silly apple.

not today.

(Room to write)


March 30

Text on card back:

What if there was a fruit whose sole purpose was to keep you away? Now more than ever, we need doctors. So, thank your doctor today. #doctorsday #noappleday

“A Day to Honor Physicians” Created by the Auxiliary of the Southern Medical Association and observed since March 30, 1930, Doctors’ Day was officially designated “National Doctors’ Day”, by signed resolution of President George H. Bush on October 30, 1990.



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