When businesses and individuals alike directly support their local physicians and healthcare workers, the whole community benefits. Contributing to SMA means your investment directly funds the same Family of Medicine that you turn to for quality care when you and your family need it most. For 116 years, SMA has embodied what it means to be Southern...relationships fostering accountability and progress. Select an option below to learn more, or just skip straight to the donation page.

Our mission began in 1906, and it continues thanks to you.

For over a century, we’ve had one objective: helping medical professionals to provide the best possible care for their patients. That help comes in many forms, including thousands of hours of premium continuing education; as well as more than 46,000 peer-reviewed articles in the Southern Medical Journal. But we believe it takes more than that. 

If we can boast a long history — and we can — it’s because we’ve always had an eye on the future. We’re able to do what we do because past generations had the foresight to look out for us. We want to make sure we can do the same for the generations that come next.

The SMA Research & Education Endowment Fund

Since the fund’s inception in 1986, we’ve been able to provide more than $1.2 million in financial support to our members in the form of scientific research grants, loans, and scholarships. We see every one of these initiatives as investments in the future of medical innovation and healthcare delivery. We continue this legacy by supporting young physicians at the outset of their careers — through mentoring relationships, abstract competitions, scholarships, and more — we’re also investing in the futures of our individual members.

Donate to the Research and Education Endowment Fund

Society of 1906 Scholarship

The Society of 1906 recognizes major contributors to the Research and Education Endowment Fund, and awards annual $2000 scholarships (along with $500 travel stipends to the Scientific Assembly, should they attend) to third-year medical students who demonstrate both superior abilities and financial need.

"This is the first time I truly felt like I was supposed to be a physician because I'm being recognized by my peers. The little black boy in me is screaming, you found your place! I know Master Chief Carolina is proud of me. To be in a position to graduate, become a triple board child psychiatrist, and take care of children in marginalized communities means so much to me."

Dr. Russel J. Ledet is a fourth year dual MD/MBA candidate atTulane School of Medicine and Freeman School of Business. Dr. Ledet completed his Bachelor's degrees in Chemistry and Biology at Southern University and A&M College and his PH.D. in molecular oncology and tumor immunology from NYU School of Medicine. His scientific work at NYU focused on prostate cancer biology and therapeutic development utilizing proteomics and bioinformatics.

Society of 1924 Scholarship

The SMA Alliance established the Society of 1924 to provide annual $2000 scholarships (along with $500 travel stipends to the Scientific Assembly, should they attend) to third-year medical students who exhibit outstanding academic and leadership qualities, as well as demonstrable financial need.  

"Thank you Southern Medical Association for the opportunity to present our research. For us its not just being able to present a case report or presenting a study that we did, its about giving us the opportunity to learn about and get excited about engaging in research. Being able to actually come to the conference, we get to learn about advancing medicine from physicians and role models."

Nidhi Patel is a fourth year MD candidate at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Last year, she was a Medical Research Scholar Program (MRSP) fellow at the National Institutes of Health, where she studied the effects of inflammation of cardiovascular disease under the mentorship of Dr. Nehal Mehta.