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eQRP – Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan

As a member of SMA’s family of medicine, you’ll have access to eQRP’s Safe Harbor and Single Participant plans, both of which are fully ERISA compliant. You’ll enjoy greater freedom; greater control; and greater potential rewards.

No matter the size of your practice, a rock-solid qualified retirement plan (QRP) is absolutely essential. It’s not just about your own financial future. It’s about having a competitive tool to recruit — and retain — top talent.

But conventional QRPs, like 401(k)s and IRAs, come with constraints. They’re safe investments, but there’s a limit to how much you can contribute annually. There’s a limit to how much of a return you can expect to make. And there’s a limit to the kinds of investment vehicles covered by those plans.

eQRP gives you the freedom to push beyond those limits. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or the member of a large medical group, you may be eligible to start taking a more active hand in your retirement:

  • Enjoy a broader range of tax-free investment options. With eQRP, you’re not limited to paper assets. You can use your retirement fund to invest in real estate, precious metals, private equity, cryptocurrency, and more.
  • Be your own trustee. Most QRPs require third-party custodians. With eQRP, you can not only avoid the fees associated with conventional QRPs, but you don’t have to wait for approval to make investment choices. You can direct your money where you want it to go — whenever you want.
  • Access your money anytime. With eQRP, you can borrow up to $50,000 for immediate use (or 50% of your account, whichever is less) and the interest you pay back goes directly into your account, to compound over time.
  • Transfer funds and assets from other retirement plans — tax and penalty free. Whether you have a 401(k), 403b, 457, IRA, or SEP, you can rollover any and all funds in-kind.