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25 Years Ago

Public Health Control of Syphilis


Some Clues in Cardiovascular Diagnosis from Simple Inspection

How true! To those of us who had our early experiences in medicine before the days of an expanding number of laboratory and other technical aids, the clues which are there for the asking,—in the history and physical examination—point the path to diagnosis more often than not. This is difficult…


Variation of Standard Technics for Correction of Blepharoptosis

The author reviews several technics for the correction of this abnormality, and indicates the circumstances which determine the choice of the type of procedure.


A Controlled Short-Term Evaluation of a New Antihypertensive-Diuretic Agent, Benzydroflumethiazide

This variant of the “thiazide” group acts in a similar manner as the others, pharmacologically and clinically. Side-effects will show up sooner or later, as with the others. The authors also demonstrate that, as with all antihypertensive agents, there are failures on medication and that the evaluation of antihypertensive effect…


Arthrodesis of the Hip: Indications for and End Results of Such Operations

Though reconstructive operations on the hip are finding favor, the authors believe that arthrodesis has a definite place in the management of certain disabilities especially in the younger age group.


The Use of Gynecography in Pelvic Diagnosis

Several methods for the visualization of the pelvic organs have been used over the past several decades with varying degrees of enthusiasm. The authors offer their experiences with this diagnostic approach.


Postoperative Complications of Colon Surgery

When one looks back at the mortality rates which accompanied operations on the large bowel in the days before antimicrobial drugs were available, one becomes truly appreciative of the advances in medical science.


Communication and Understanding


Ulcerative Colitis

One of the enigmas of medicine is the entity of ulcerative colitis. Until its etiology and pathogenesis are established, its management must remain symptomatic. Surgery plays its part in some of these cases. The author, from long experience in this field, offers his thoughts on this facet of management.


Clinical Investigation of Benzydroflumethiazide in Edema and Hypertension

As the pharmaceutical houses market their particular derivative of benzenedisulfonamide, the physician should remember that all act in the same manner in preventing reabsorption of sodium in the proximal tubule. Also that side-effects will be identical if use of the drug will have been for a sufficient length of time.


Management of Lymphoma Cutis with Low Megavolt Electron Beam Therapy: Nine Year Follow-Up in 200 Cases

The authors point to the highly satisfactory palliative effect of this relatively new physical means of therapy. This represents a new modality applicable in malignancy especially of cutaneous distribution.


Why Should the Practitioner Know Something About Principles of Statistics

Statistical methods and analyses leave the average physician “cold,” and he has a feeling of complete inadequacy as he passes on quickly to “more interesting” phases of his reading. The author has done a service to the reader in his explanation of the “why and wherefore” of statistical analyses and…


A Correlation of the Gross and Microscopic Studies of Cancer of the Rectum in Relation to Operative Procedures

All cancers of the rectum do not require radical treatment. Some are safely amenable to local excision. However, it needs experience and judgment in making the selection of such relatively benign lesions.


Changing Trends in the Surgical Treatment of Diverticulitis of the Colon

The surgical treatment of the complications of diverticulitis is well established. In considering the complications and diagnostic problems, the author raises for serious consideration elective surgery in uncomplicated cases to forestall the difficulties which may arise at a future date, and the need for operation as an emergency procedure.


The Problem of Hyperbilirubinemia


Acquired Strabismus in Adults

The author urges a more active and definitive approach on ophthalmologists in the management of acquired strabismus in adults. Apparently, since they had fused vision before an ocular defect, they may again develop such if the surgeon will help them on the way by operative procedures on the extraocular muscles.


Treatment of Tinea Versicolor

The author believes this combination of an acridine and hexylresorcinol are efficacious in the treatment of this fungal skin disease.


Surgical Management of Anorectal Complications of Chronic Ulcerative Colitis

Several complications of ulcerative colitis may show themselves during the course of disease. They must be recognized and be thoroughly considered from the standpoint of surgical management.


Hepatolenticular Degeneration (Wilson’s Disease)

In less than the fifty years since the recognition of this rare disease as a clinical entity, its metabolic defect has been demonstrated. And as a result of this knowledge a satisfactory therapeutic regimen has evolved with dramatic control of what otherwise becomes a progressively deteriorating syndrome to end in…


Clinical Evaluation of Parenteral Hydroxyzine for Preoperative Medication

The search for better medication preliminary to anesthesia continues. The authors believe this ataractic drug has certain assets which may offer advantages in premedication.

Case Report

A Complication of Circumcision: Probable Cause, Treatment, Results, and Legal Ramifications



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