Supporting the Family of Medicine.

Though most of our members serve the Southeastern US, we are a truly national organization. When you partner with the Southern Medical Association (SMA), you partner with over 22,578 medical professionals throughout the United States.

You become a part of our family of medicine. Together, we support the mission of improving the quality of patient care through education. We believe it’s a crucial component in addressing healthcare disparities in large swaths of the country that desperately need our help.

Right now, the Southeast is looking at an alarming shortage of physicians. By 2030, based on projected population growth, the South will face a shortage of an estimated 92,172 physicians. In the West, we’re looking at a shortage of an estimated 63,589 physicians; in the Midwest, 16,291.

When you support the SMA Research and Education Endowment Fund, you become a valuable contributor in the effort to combat that decline. With your help, we can ensure that every healthcare provider has access to the latest medical science, continuing education, and peer support they need.