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Join your colleagues for SMA's Annual Scientific Assembly where Mark Williams, MD will address the quiz questions and much more during his lecture, "Consistency, Quality and Cost - Why Reducing Variability in Health Care Matters."

While medicine is generally considered a scientific discipline, there are often wide variations in how this science is practiced. Clinical outcomes may be affected by this variation as well as the costs of care and potential adverse effects. In this presentation, examples of care variation will be presented along with potential impacts on quality, cost and patient safety. This is not meant to suggest that variation is an aspect to be eliminated, but more simply to recognize that it takes place and that an understanding of the impact of variation can lead to better care at lower costs. Upon completion, attendees should be better prepared to:

  • Recognize that large-scale opportunities exist to reduce variation in care and, at the same time, foster improved outcomes;
  • Identify resources that will help identify variations in care both at a local and a national level;
  • Discuss and implement initiatives to foster standardization when appropriate;
  • Gain an understanding at to how reduction of care variation and innovation are related.
Mark S. Williams, MD, MBA, JD, CPE
Mark S. Williams, MD, MBA, JD, CPE
Chattanooga at night.

SMA's Annual Scientific Assembly
Chattanooga, TN
November 3-5, 2016

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