The January issue of the SMJ is a special edition of 24 articles addressing “Disaster Medicine and Physician Preparedness”. Covering the importance of physician, patient care, and healthcare system preparation for unexpected disaster or terrorism events, the issue is open to both SMJ subscribers as well as non-subscribers.

“No longer can physicians feel complacent about the risk of a disaster involving their community: be it domestic or foreign terrorism; natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, or tornadoes; or an acute infectious pandemic. There is no guaranteed safety, and each physician must prepare himself or herself to respond properly to a community disaster, should it occur, with adequate preparation, purpose, and knowledge,” noted SMJ Editor-in Chief G. Richard Holt, MD, MSE, MPH, MABE, D Bioethics. “This special issue gives an excellent overview of disaster medicine and physician preparation, and I recommend it enthusiastically for the physician who seeks to become better prepared to deal with such disasters.”

View the complete issue, as well as Dr. Holt's blog discussion on disater medicine, at:

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