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Established in 1906, and headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Southern Medical Association is a non-profit, physician-led, multispecialty medical association committed to promoting the health of patients through physician advocacy and a culture of leadership which enhances professional development. SMA is dedicated to promoting and supporting physicians as leaders within the healthcare delivery and reform movements. Physicians are the ultimate patient advocate and have a deep commitment to their patients’ health, well-being, and safety. SMA supports physicians with informational and educational programs as tools to allow physicians to articulate and advocate for their profession and their patients.

New Missouri Law Allows Medical School Graduates to Treat Patients

Last Thursday, July 10, Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon signed into law bills that would allow medical school graduates who have […]

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The human nose can identify and remember more than 50,000 scents? Source: Share This:

Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Ruling Indicates ACA Overreach

The recent ruling brings back to the fore the age old argument regarding when life begins. On one side, life […]



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Our Mission: The Southern Medical Association promotes the health of patients through advocacy, leadership, education, and service.