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CME Article: Is It All COVID-19? Resident Distress and Reasons for It in 2020

Hafiz Qurashi, MBBS, MD, Anas Atrash, MD, Michael J. Asken, PhD

Original Article

Role of Socioeconomic Factors on Physical and Mental Distress Reported by Alabama Adults with COPD

Michael Stellefson, PhD, MCHES, Cassandra D. Ford, PhD, RN, Min Qi Wang, PhD, Isabella Cline, BS, Caitlin Kinder, BSE

Review Article

CME Article: What’s Up Your Sleeve? A Scoping Review of White Coat Contamination and Horizontal Microbial Transmission

Ruba Sajdeya, MD, Akemi T. Wijayabahu, MS, Nichole E. Stetten, PhD, MPH, Omar Sajdeya, MD, Osama Dasa, MD, MPH

Original Article

Differences in Motivating Factors for SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination and Perceptions of Infection Risk among Healthcare and EMS Personnel in South Carolina

Mirinda Ann Gormley, PhD, Melissa S. Nolan, PhD, Moonseong Heo, PhD, Alain H. Litwin, MD, Arnold Alier, EdD, Virginie Daguise, PhD

Original Article

Association of Referral Source and Substance Use with Hepatitis C Virus Outcomes at a Southern Academic Medical Center

H. Jensie Burton, MD, Aastha Khatiwada, PhD, Dongjun Chung, PhD, Eric G. Meissner, MD, PhD

Original Article

Continued Visibility of COVID-19 Article Removals

Christopher J. Peterson, MS, Caleb Anderson, BS, Kenneth Nugent, MD


Know Your Guidelines Series: The ACG Clinical Practice Guideline on Upper Gastrointestinal and Ulcer Bleeding Review

Daniel R. Wells, MD, Desirée C. Burroughs-Ray, MD, MPH, Amanda V. Hardy, MD, Christopher D. Jackson, MD

Original Article

Lung Cancer in Young Adults: A Single-Center Experience

Stuart Jones, BS, Timothy Mullett, MD, Daniel Davenport, PhD, Sibu Saha, MD

Original Article

Risk Factors for Mortality in Mechanically Ventilated Patients with COVID-19 in a Mississippi Community Health System

S. Ijlal Babar, MD, Ashley E. Hawthorne, PharmD, BCCCP, Maggie R. Clarkson, RN, MSN


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