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The Southern Medical Association (SMA) promotes the health of patients through advocacy, leadership, education, and service. SMA is one of the few truly non-political associations remaining. SMA is proud of this status as it allows the focus of the association to remain unbiased in its development of educational learning and procurement of products and services for its members. SMA’s advocacy efforts on behalf of its members are accomplished through education and a set of principles as set forth by our governing body.  Membership in the SMA connects you with professionals who understand the needs of physicians and clinicians.  When you join SMA, you become part of a close knit community of individuals whose first priority is the health of patients in addition to a professional team of staff members qualified and dedicated to serving you in your commitment to quality health care.

Educational Resources

SMA hopes you find the information on this page beneficial. Contact SMA at with additional topics/ideas or suggestions for […]

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