Meet the Physicians-in-Training Committee Members

December 15, 2020

Meet the Physicians-in-Training Committee Members

Natalie Weiss (Chair)
Natalie Weiss is an fourth-year MD/MBA candidate at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana, and hopeful future Otolaryngologist. Prior to pursuing a career in medicine, she obtained her BA in Music from Emory University, which led to work as a professional vocalist. Her unconventional background has taught her the value of diversity of thought within her field. She aims to similarly broaden the horizons of physicians-in-training in her community, beginning with development of the SMA’s Physicians-in-Training Leadership Working Group (SMA PIT). She believes that it is vital to teach rising physicians about all aspects of medicine, including the business of medicine, applications of novel tech, lessening of barriers to care, and use of evidence-based best practices.

Junaid Alam, DO, IM PGY2 (Outreach)
Junaid Alam is a second year Internal Medicine Resident in Texas. I graduated from a DO school in Philadelphia in 2020. I am very pleased to be part of the SMA PIT Committee and look forward to working with other residents, medical students and leadership staff in trying to promote superior healthcare training in the USA. I look forward to bringing various ideas that I have that can prove valuable to upcoming medical students and residents. I am also interested in mentoring and passing on my experience so others can learn. I plan on bringing medical education to the forefront and develop ideas that can create better physicians and leaders of healthcare. I spend my free time playing with my two young boys and hanging out with my wife. I also enjoy watching and playing sports in addition to hiking, watching movies and traveling.

Magnus Chun (Research & Development)
Magnus Chun is a 3rd year medical student at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, LA and plans to apply to General Surgery residency. He is very excited to be serving as the Research & Development chair. He is a Tulane DeBakey Research Scholar at the Tulane Surgery and Trauma Center. He has been fortunate to have published multiple papers and enjoys networking with other researchers at national conferences. Additionally, he enjoys mentoring other students in research and teaches an elective on the basics of clinical research at Tulane. He looks forward to educating and encouraging SMA members to partake in research opportunities. When not in the hospital, Magnus enjoys tennis, training for triathlons, speed cubing, playing the piano, and co-hosting guests on the Loupe Surgery Podcast.

Isabella Dreyfuss (Research & Development)
Isabella Dreyfuss is a 4th year medical student at Nova Southeastern University from sunny Florida, She is currently completing a research year, as well as her MBA at Duke University. She plans to apply to dermatology residency or pathology. She has served as the President of her Dermatology Club at her school. As the leader of the Research & Development group, she looks forward to enabling students to find methods of networking within their prospective field in more accessible avenues.

Sangeetha Isaac, MD (Mentorship & Networking)
Sangeetha Isaac is a second year Internal Medicine Resident at North Alabama Medical Center, Florence, Alabama. Having lived, trained and worked in different countries viz India, Singapore and USA, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with multiple trainees of diverse cultural background. My vision for this position is for every trainee to have equal access to the various opportunities to grow and develop in their professional life; I aim to promote scholastic activities/ mentoring and network opportunities among trainees from all programs alike. I am thrilled to work with the other members of the committee to make SMA-PIT the ‘go to’ resource for medical students and residents. I am an aspirant of Hematology-Oncology fellowship and I enjoy reading books. Quoting one of my favourite authors ‘And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’~ Paulo Coelho.

Buckley McCall (Outreach)
Buckley McCall is a third year medical student at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. I graduated from Clemson University with a Biology major and French/Microbiology minors in 2018. Additionally, I am an editor for In-Training magazine and was the president of my local Vertically Integrated Trainee Program (VITP). At this moment in time I am most interested in eventually becoming a Critical Care Physician.

Zachary Olivos (Personal Development & Wellness)
Zachary Olivos is a fourth year medical student pursuing an MD/MBA/MPH in Health Policy at Tulane University. He completed undergrad at Case Western Reserve University on a theater and academic scholarship. He additionally earned his MS in Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown through the Yellow Ribbon program. He has dedicated interest in establishing viable capitation-based payment structures that empower primary care physicians to provide quality care removed from the restrictions of prior authorization. He worked in various EMS roles in Ohio for three years prior to attending medical school. In his free time, he volunteers with the Cajun Navy Relief during hurricane season, providing supplies and constructing temporary relief structures for individuals afflicted by storm surges along the Gulf Coast. He is very excited to be a part of the SMA-PIT, and is deeply passionate about his personal vice, Diet Coke.

Mohammed Afraz Pasha, MD (Outreach)
Mohammed Afraz Pasha is a second year Internal Medicine resident at North Alabama Medical Center at Florence, Alabama. Cardiology and travelling are two things I am passionate about. Prior to my residency journey in the United States, I practiced in India and the United Kingdom. I am excited to work towards creating mentoring relationships and networking opportunities to guide medical students and residents plan their career pathway. I want to find ways to popularize early research among medical students and residents. By creating avenues like virtual monthly case reports and journal clubs I want to promote their development in their field of interest. While off work, I enjoy undertaking road trips and exploring places.

Trent Percy (Research & Development)
Trent Percy is an osteopathic medical student. As a lifelong resident of Florida and student/trainee in the state of Arkansas, I look forward to providing healthcare to the southern United States! Having a prior job in research, I have a profound interest in sharing novel ideas that will one day revolutionize medicine moving forward. At home, I enjoy art, movies, sports and spending time with my family!

Andrew Sephien, MD (Mentorship & Networking)
Andrew Sephien is a second-year internal medicine resident at Citrus Memorial Hospital. He is excited to serve on the Southern Medical Association Physicians-In-Training Committee this year. His interests include cardiovascular disease, critical care, research, medical education, and mentorship.

Dantwan Smith, MD, MBA, MS (Senior Advisor)
Dantwan Smith, MD, MBA, MS is a 3rd Year Internal Medicine Resident at Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth, MS and is currently applying into Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship. He is excited to be serving this year as the Co-Chair for the Southern Medical Association Physicians-In-Training Leadership Working Group. He has a passion to promote excellence and achievement in every aspect of life. Dr. Smith has a wealth of experience in community service, non-profit organizations, mentorship, and health education.

Julie Yi (Personal Development & Wellness)
Julie Yi is a 4th year student at Eastern Virginia Medical School and is currently applying to dermatology residency. She served as president of the Women's Health Club at her school and is on the editorial boards of several national medical student journals. She also enjoys mentoring high school students in her local community. As part of the personal development and wellness group, she looks forward to helping create a supportive trainee community and exploring topics on personal health and education.