Meet the Physicians-in-Training Committee Members

December 15, 2020

Meet the Physicians-in-Training Committee Members

Natalie Weiss (Chair)
Natalie Weiss is an MS3 at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. Prior to pursuing a career in medicine, she obtained her BA in Music from Emory University, which led to work as a professional vocalist. Her unconventional background has taught her the value of diversity of thought within her field. She aims to similarly broaden the horizons of physicians-in-training in her community, beginning with development of the SMA’s Physicians-in-Training Leadership Working Group (SMA PIT). She believes that it is vital to teach rising physicians about all aspects of medicine, including the business of medicine, applications of novel tech, lessening of barriers to care, and use of evidence-based best practices.

Dantwan Smith (Senior Advisor)
Dr. Smith matched into the Cardiology Fellowship at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS. He is excited to be serving as the senior advisor for the Southern Medical Association Physicians-In-Training Committee. He has a passion to promote excellence and achievement in every aspect of life. Dr. Smith has a wealth of experience in community service, non-profit organizations, mentorship, and health education.

Rebecca Fabian (Mentorship & Networking)
Rebecca Fabian is a MS4 at Tulane University School of Medicine and is currently applying into General Surgery residency. She is excited to be serving as this year's Mentorship and Networking chair, as she believes being able to connect with all different kinds of people makes this field so rewarding. As an executive council member of Tulane's Alumni Board, she has seen first-hand how rewarding these relationships can be. When not in the hospital or at school working, you will likely find Rebecca outside - running throughout town, in one of the city's many parks, or out exploring new places!

Ryan Halas (Research & Professionalism)
Ryan Halas second year medical student at Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is excited to serve as this year's Southern Medical Association Physicians-In-Training Research & Professionalism Chair. Ryan also chairs his school's American Medical Student Association New Student Mentorship Committee, and stays actively involved in his school's geriatrics, hospice and addiction medicine student groups. He believes passionately in community service, equity, and social justice and continues to undertake numerous projects highlighting and combatting the continued disparities in medicine across race and class.

Christine McEvoy (Communications)
Christine McEvoy is a third year medical student at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, LA. She is passionate about finding solutions at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and government. Christine loves to explore nature as a life long distance runner and has a personal goal to visit all 50 states. As Communications Chair, she is excited to connect with students across the region about medical education, the broad impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, and cultural humility.

Julie Yi (Personal Development & Wellness)
Julie Yi recently completed her 3rd year at Eastern Virginia Medical School and is currently pursuing a year-long clinical research fellowship in dermatology. She served as president of the Women's Health Club at her school and is on the editorial boards of several national medical student journals. She also enjoys mentoring high school students in her local community. As part of the personal development and wellness group, she looks forward to helping create a supportive trainee community and exploring topics on personal health and education.