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Best of all, SMA is fully integrated with Mocingbird, so members can track and manage their CME requirements while consuming SMA courses, all on the same platform.

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Who is Mocingbird?

Mocingbird’s mission is to improve medicine and clinician well-being by eliminating the chaos of ongoing credentialing and delivering high-impact Continuing Medical Education that promotes lifelong learning.

Mocingbird simplifies license renewals and continuing education requirements. They are your extended virtual assistant to ensure CME compliance.

  • Clarity on complex and confusing rules and regulations
  • A streamlined platform to keep all your license renewal documentations & expirables
  • Automated tracking and credit calculation for each requirement
  • Industry-leading security to ensure that your information is always safe
  • A CME marketplace with high quality relevant content from accredited providers

Healthcare professionals and their administrators are spending up to a quarter of their time—which can be more than 1,000 hours per year per team—researching, tracking down, completing, filing, and verifying their CME license renewal requirements.

Add in patient care, communication, and administrative strain, and it’s no wonder clinician burnout and administrative costs are mounting at medical institutions nationwide.

How to access Mocingbird discount for SMA Members?

Medical Institutions and healthcare facilities use Mocingbird to seamlessly manage ongoing organization-wide clinician licensing compliance.

  • Keep track of ongoing licensing requirements, including shifting requirements.
  • Monitor staff-wide “compliance” progress at a glance.
  • Manage individual clinician reminders with one click.
  • File and manage all ongoing clinician licensure information and related documentation across locations.

Clinicians use Mocingbird to efficiently and securely organize and manage their own CME / license upkeep.

  • Understand the CME requirements they need to fulfill, and when, in order to maintain their professional licenses.
  • Easily upload, track, and document CMEs—including what’s completed, what’s in process, and what’s left to do (and by when).
  • Store and organize documentation in one easy-to-access place.