The Southern Medical Association was founded in 1906 as a scientific body of physicians dedicated to fostering the art and science of medicine through education. SMA Members’ commitment to multidisciplinary, inter-professional education has endured for over 100 years, with the Physician Member at the cornerstone

The Associated Physician not only gets full-access to the complete menu of SMA Benefits, but they also have valuable opportunities to teach and contribute their research via the Southern Medical Journal, broadcast via the SMA YouTube Channel and host/participate in exclusive SMA Podcasts and Monthly Webinars. 

But perhaps the most valuable opportunity for the Associated Physician is the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy by sharing their experiences with future Southern Physicians through the Mentorship Program of the SMA Physicians-In-Training; SMA's most active and growing Associate group.

The Associated Physician drives the Mission of SMA forward and Raises the Quality of both, Patient Care and the next Generation of  Associated Physicians.