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CME Course | $10 | Credits: .75

Substance Use Disorders in Women

During this session, an overview of common substance use disorders in women will be discussed, as well as current trends in emerging substances of abuse.

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CME Course | $10 | Credits: 1

Clinician Burnout

This activity will review the epidemiology of clinician burnout and suicide as well as risk factors. It will also address the relationship between mood disorders and stress in life and finally, look at tools to lower stress and create life balance.

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CME Course | $10 | Credits: .75

Behavioral Change for the Office-Based Clinician

This activity will provide an overview of strategies for behavior change, their effectiveness and tips for use by the outpatient clinician.

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CME Course | $5 | Credits: 1

Insomnia and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Insomnia is a common problem in older people, especially in patients with dementia whose circadian rhythm is often impaired. Insomnia exerts such a toll on caregivers that it is often the main reason for seeking to institutionalize their loved ones with dementia.

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