May 2006, Volume 99 - Issue 5

Significant Absorption of Oral Vancomycin in a Patient with Clostridium difficile Colitis and Normal Renal Function

Sangita Aradhyula, MD, Farrin A. Manian, MD, Saad A.S. Hafidh, MD, Saqib S. Bhutto, MD, Martin A. Alpert, MD

Abstract: Orally-administered vancomycin is poorly absorbed in most patients, usually producing minimal or subtherapeutic serum concentrations. Bowel inflammation may enhance absorption of oral vancomycin, particularly in those with renal failure. A 77-year-old female with...

(pp 518-520)

Anterior Uveitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Ankylosing Spondylitis in a HLA-B27-positive Woman

E Mitchell Singleton, MD, FACS, Sanford E. Hutson, MD, FAAFP

Abstract: A woman developed anterior uveitis at age 24, inflammatory bowel disease at age 29, and ankylosing spondylitis at age 45 by history. There were frequent recurrences. An HLA-B27 test was positive at age 53. The literature indicates that all of these conditions together in a...

(pp 531-533)

Acute Bowel Ischemia Following Spinal Surgery

Ali Mofredj, MD, Ibrahim Traore, MD, Brahim Beldjoudi, MD, Djelloul Aoula, MD, Raouf Douiri, MD

Abstract: Acute mesenteric ischemia is a morbid condition that may be difficult to diagnose due to nonspecific nature of its symptoms. To our knowledge, such a complication has not previously been reported after spinal surgery via the posterior approach. We describe the case of a...

(pp 528-530)