SMA provides podcasts to give listeners the opportunity to learn about
business & clinical information relevant to the practice of medicine.

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The healthcare dynamic is rapidly changing. Understanding the basic fundamentals related to the business of medicine empowers practitioners to advance their skills in, and knowledge of, the business aspects of medicine. SMA’s Business of Medicine Simplified program explores the essentials of everything from reimbursement and compensation models, insurance and risk management, to practice employment and business finance.

These podcasts address all aspects of care of the female patient across her lifespan, including obstetrics and gynecology, mental health, and internal medicine. It also explores the special and unique care of children and adolescents, including the maternal-fetal period of life, ethical issues in pediatric medical and surgical care, and growth and development in children.

The podcasts will educate and inform listeners on the various systems and methods that use information, data, and communication technologies to help resolve problems, reduce inefficiencies and costs, improve access, increase quality, and help make the practice of medicine more personalized and precise.