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Podcast | Southern Medicine | June 14, 2021

A Novel Transitions of Care Elective: Value-Added Medical Education Innovations During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

During the COVID-19 pandemic, clinical care of patients and undergraduate medical education faced substantive challenges.  Many traditional patient-physician and family-physician interactions were no longer possible, and alternative, often virtual, methods of communications were required to be devised. 

Podcast | Business of Medicine | June 10, 2021

Your Identity Has Been Stolen…Now What?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Identity theft is when someone uses your personal or financial information without your permission. They might steal your name and address, credit card, or bank account numbers, Social Security number, or medical insurance account numbers.

Podcast | Southern Medicine | June 7, 2021

Dr. Christopher Jackson on the match process and residency education

In this podcast, Dr. Christopher Jackson shares an inside view on the residency match and recent changes to the application process in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He additionally discusses his role as a clinician educator in shaping the training experience for internal medicine residents at UTHSC.

Podcast | Southern Medicine | June 1, 2021

Association of Intrinsic Motivating Factors and Joy in Practice

This podcast explores the motivating factors for a physician experiencing “Joy in Practice”, a topic that will also be addressed in an upcoming issue of the Southern Medical Journal. 

Podcast | Business of Medicine | May 24, 2021

EHR Implementation: What Physicians Need to Know

Physician buy-in is crucial to a successful EHR implementation and insufficient learning most negatively impacts an EHR transition.

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Podcast | Business of Medicine | April 19, 2021

Disability Insurance During a Pandemic

In this podcast, we will be discussing how the pandemic affected Disability insurance and underwriting process. We will also be discussing the future of DI and what is to come as we head out of the pandemic and back into normalcy.

Podcast | Southern Medicine | April 12, 2021

Safety of Baricitinib 4 mg for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Join Drs. Tracey Dabal and Christopher Jackson as they discuss the safety of baricitinib for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, a topic they address in their article that will appear in the May 2021 issue of the Southern Medical Journal.

Podcast | Southern Medicine | April 5, 2021

Hospitalist Readiness to Assess and Evaluate Resident Progress

Join Dr. Doris Lin as she discusses the readiness of hospitalists to assess and evaluate resident progress, a topic on which she has written an article for the April 2021 issue of the Southern Medical Journal.

Podcast | Southern Medicine | March 31, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine: Thoughts from a Vaccinated Physician

The podcast will cover the COVID-19 vaccine which Dr. Hartman has received and he will discuss his opinions on the vaccine.

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Podcast | Southern Medicine | March 29, 2021

Prophylactic Transfusion during Pregnancy for Women with Sickle Cell Disease

In this podcast, Dr. Everett Magann discusses prophylactic transfusion during pregnancy for women with sickle cell disease. Dr. Magann is the corresponding author of an article appearing in the April 2021 issue of the Southern Medical Journal that addresses this topic.

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