Podcast | Practice of Medicine | February 10, 2021

Social Media in Medicine Mini-Series: A conversation with @whereinmyworld about diversity in medical education and patient care for underserved populations

SMA PIT sat down again with Carmen Simmons, a M4 at Meharry Medical College, for a follow up conversation about her experiences as a black woman at a HBCU medical school and as a student providing care to underserved communities in Nashville, TN.

Learning Objectives:

  • What role do HBCU medical schools play in medical education and the healthcare delivery system?
  • What are some benefits and misconceptions about HBCU medical schools?
  • How did the renewed calls for social justice in 2020 affect the experience of a medical student at a HBCU?
  • What avenues are available for HBCU medical school graduates, and black students at other medical schools, to remain connected and support each other after graduation?
  • How can medical students and medical institutions initiate respectful and effective conversations about systemic racism with their black peers?
  • What are some effective, and ineffective, ways to provide care for underserved communities in an impactful way?

Carmen Simmons (Guest), M4 at Meharry Medical College
Christine McEvoy (Host), Communications Chair of SMA PIT

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