Podcast | Digital Health and Innovation | April 7, 2020

Informatics for the “Non-Geek”

During this podcast Dr. Kevin Johnson will discuss the importance of communicating the science and discoveries in biomedical informatics to a lay audience. He will cover topics such as precision medicine, artificial intelligence (AI), privacy, and physician burnout

Kevin Johnson, MD, MS
Kevin Johnson, MD, MS, is Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor and Chair of biomedical informatics, and Professor of Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He is very unique in the field, having served as the CIO for VUMC, as well as being an internationally known researcher, as well as having produced one documentary and one short film about informatics and information technology. His most recent endeavor is a podcast called Informatics in the Round, in which he discusses timely informatics topics with an expert, a comedian, and a songwriter on most episodes.

Andy Mohan, MD, MBA, MSc
Dr. Anand “Andy” Mohan has been working as a physician informaticist for the past 7 years in over 40 + implementations with major hospital systems including Cedars Sinai, PeaceHealth, Inova, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, Massachusetts General, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic amongst other notable healthcare systems.  Dr. Mohan has worked on the inpatient and ambulatory side with all specialties throughout the lifecycle of an implementation. His focus is on clinical workflow optimization, utilizing EHR systems efficiently, and provider adoption. He has been involved in population health initiative technology implementations.  Additionally, he has also led EHR clinical build teams to ensure quality and clinical integrity.
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