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Simplifying the business side of medicine so you can enjoy the practice.


SMA Services Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Medical Association (SMA) founded by its members in 1984 to address the business and financial needs of physicians. We know you want to run an efficient practice while taking care of your patients.  To do that, you need help on the business side of medicine.  Since 1906 we’ve been helping physicians transition throughout their careers from Medical School through retirement. We do this by focusing on education and the empowerment that comes from having the knowledge and resources you need to remain strong and independent.

We understand

  • The business side of medicine should be simpler;
  • Simplifying the business side, helps you focus on the practice;
  • Insurance and retirement needs are personal and changing;
  • You need people you trust to provide direction and support when it comes to the business of medicine.

Retirement Team

Need Help?     Call 205-421-4193 / [email protected]

Vice President
SMA Services Inc.

Mark Massey
[email protected]
Ext. 211

Director of Retirement
Plan Development
Rob Masson
[email protected]
Cell: (985) 778-1980

Director of
Compliance Services

Betsy Schaaf, J.D.
[email protected]
Ext. 125


Joann Owens
[email protected]
Ext. 188


Laqueeta Perry
[email protected]
Ext. 190

IRA Accounts
Bob Cantlay
[email protected]
Ext. 106

Our Partners

Retirement Products

SMA Services, Inc. Benefit


No matter where you are in your life, things can change. It's always important to save money. The trick is being able to earn interest on your savings, and have easy access to cash without having to pay steep penalties to get it when you need it. 

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SMA Services, Inc. Benefit

TPA and 401k

Get a complimentary, no-obligation, review of your company retirement plan. Learn how to improve your plan's effectiveness for both you and your employees and possibly even lower your costs.

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