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November 4, 2020

SMJ : November 2020 Vol. 113, No. 11

The Southern Medical Journal(SMJ) is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the Southern Medical Association. It has a multidisciplinary and inter-professional focus that covers a broad range of topics relevant to physicians and other healthcare specialists, including medicine; surgery; women’s and children’s health; mental health; emergency and disaster medicine; public health and environmental medicine; bioethics and medical education; and quality health care, patient safety, and best practices.

Evidence for Cancer Literacy Knowledge Retention among Kentucky Middle and High School Students after a Brief Educational Intervention

Lauren Hudson, , Chris Prichard, BS, L. Todd Weiss, BS, MSPH, Nathan L. Vanderford, PhD, MBA

Gynecological Care and Contraception Considerations in Women with Cerebral Palsy

Madeline Fasen, DO, Brittany Saldivar, Suhane Elamsenthi, Jordan Thompson, Lina Fouad, MD, Linda Edwards, MD, Rafik Jacob, MD

Less Toxic Chemotherapy in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

John Carpenter, MD, Andres Forero, MD, Carla I. Falkson, MD, Lisle M. Nabell, MD, Jennifer F. De Los Santos, MD, Helen Krontiras, MD, Kirby I. Bland, MD, Yufeng Li, PhD, Sejong Bae, PhD

Factors Affecting Patient Adherence to Lung Cancer Screening

Christina Bellinger, MD, Kristie Foley, PhD, Frank Genese, MD, Aaron Lampkin, DO, Stephen Kuperberg, MD

Impact of Obesity in Hospitalized Patients with Heart Failure: A Nationwide Cohort Study

Rama Dilip Gajulapalli, MD, Amer Kadri, MD, Mohamed Gad, MD, Johnny Chahine, MD, Leen Nusairat, MD, Florian Rader, MD

Cognitive Tests and Stool Frequency at Hospital Discharge Do Not Predict Outcomes in Hepatic Encephalopathy

Patricia P. Bloom, MD, Samuel J. Miller, MD, Rahul K. Nayak, MD, Muhammad Sarib Hussain, BA, Ashwini Arvind, MBBS, Camden Bay, PhD, Raymond T. Chung, MD

Evolving Approaches to Antithrombotics in Stroke Prevention and Treatment

Vijayakumar Javalkar, MD, MCh, Okkes Kuybu, MD, Abdallah Amireh, MD, Roger E. Kelley, MD

Outcomes of Clostridioides difficile in Patients with Vitamin D Deficiency: A Propensity-Matched National Inpatient Sample Analysis

Vijay Gayam, MD, FACP, Amrendra Kumar Mandal, MD, Chobufo Muchi Ditah, MD, Jasdeep Sidhu, MD, Venu Madhav Konala, MD, Sreedhar Adapa, MD, Srikanth Naramala, MD, Pavani Garlapati, MD

OPEN: Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Related Pulmonary Toxicity: Focus on Nivolumab

Hazim Bukamur, MD, Heather Katz, DO, Mohamed Alsharedi, MD, Akram Alkrekshi, MD, PgDip, MRCP(UK), Yousef R. Shweihat, MD, Nancy J. Munn, MD

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