Review Article

Gallbladder Dyskinesia

Authors: Michael E. Presti, MD, Jill E. Elwing, MD, Gregory S. Sayuk, MD, MPH


Gallbladder dyskinesia is a functional disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, which can result in debilitating episodes of abdominal pain and associated symptoms. Key diagnostic criteria include a diminished gallbladder ejection fraction on scintigraphy and absence of other causes for the symptoms. Pathologic findings and follow-up suggest a distinct mechanistic basis for this condition. Unfortunately, the complexities of diagnosis and treatment combined with patient and provider preferenceswill likely continue to preclude randomized controlled studies to provide a clearer evidence-based management for this disorder. Patients meeting the clinical and diagnostic criteria for gallbladder dyskinesia should be referred for cholecystectomy, and most of these patients will have relief of their symptoms. A comprehensive preoperative discussion on expected outcomes needs to take place.
Posted in: Gastroenterology49

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