September 14, 2022

October 2022 CME Webinar

Common Tendinopathies: Trigger Finger, de Quervain and Tennis Elbow...and a Few Less Common Ones

David Netscher, MD and Christine Yin, MD

"Tendinitis" is probably more correctly termed tendinopathy. It may occur from friction within a constricted tunnel such as trigger finger or de Quervain disorder or it may occur at an enthesis (point of bone attachment of muscle or tendon) such as tennis elbow. There are also true inflammatory conditions that may present so acutely as to mimic an infection. Tendinopathies are very common and may present to the pediatrician or geriatrician alike. Obstetricians may encounter de Quervain patients in young nursing mothers, while sports medicine physicians and orthopedists frequently encounter tennis elbow. Indeed, these disorders will present to family physicians, rheumatologists, and even emergency physicians.

The webinar will discuss the pathology, presentation, and diagnosis of these common disorders. Many will be treated nonoperatively and best evidence for treatment practices will be provided. On occasion, surgical treatment is required.

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