March 27, 2019

Introducing the 2021-2022 SMA President: Donna L. Breen, MD

I am an Otolaryngologist practicing general ENT and allergy for the past 30 years in Marksville, Louisiana after finishing my residency at Tulane Medical Center in 1988. I graduated from University of Alabama Medical School cum laude in 1983. Also, I completed a fellowship in Otolaryngic Allergy in 1992. I am proud to serve the needs of a semirural small town community and take care of adults and children with ear, nose, and throat problems who would have to travel many miles for their care.

Practicing in a small community was very new to me when I first came here. I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and was educated in the public and parochial schools there. Living in a smaller community remained a challenge for me in adjustment, but I have come to realize that this environment is perfect for me. I get to know my patients and their families, and their extended families, and relatives, which engages me in their lives, both as a medical doctor, friend and mentor. It is truly the best of both worlds and I have come to treasure my practice as a small town doctor in this community.

I joined the SMA in 1984, while I was a resident and I have been a member ever since. I enjoyed the collegiality as well as the learning experience. It is a big organization with a small town atmosphere in that we are emboldened to learn from the experts in a spirit of congeniality and relaxed learning experience. It is an organization where everyone has equal time, every question has equal value, and everyone has the right to understand the concepts that are being presented. No question or thirst for knowledge is too little and everyone is included in the quest for medical knowledge and skills in the healing arts.

Donna L. Breen, M.D.

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