Dr. Donna Breen Continues Her Support of Tomorrow’s Physicians

March 2, 2023 // Randy Glick

The Southern Medical Association would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to Dr. Donna Breen for her continued support of educating tomorrow’s physicians with her recent $5,000 donation to SMA’s Research & Education Endowment Fund. 

Dr. Breen, who last year donated $10,000 to the Fund while serving as SMA President, spoke of this passion during her Presidential address and encouraged others within SMA to also invest in SMA. “We can be a benefactor to the up-and-coming doctors,” she said. “This would be our legacy.” 

An SMA member since 1984, Dr. Breen presented at Association meetings as a resident and experienced firsthand the dedication and inclusion of the SMA mentors and leaders who helped guide her journey in becoming the physician she is today. “Everyone was very generous in helping,” she said. In addition, even while attending her first SMA meeting, Dr. Breen was immediately  impressed by the quality of presentations, the spirit of congeniality, and the stress-free learning atmosphere. “SMA is an organization where everyone has equal time, every question has equal value, and everyone has the right to understand the concepts that are being presented," she noted. “No question or thirst for knowledge is too little and everyone is included in the quest for medical knowledge and skills in the healing arts.”

Through generous donations such as those made by Dr. Breen and others who share a commitment to learning, SMA is able to continue its longstanding tradition of educating future generations of physicians and providing financial support through scholarships, research presentation awards, and travel stipends. 

Please donate to SMA’s Research & Education Endowment or contact Randy Glick, SMA Executive Director, at (800) 423-4992 for additional information.

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