Getting to Know Clinton Adkison, SMA Services 401(k) Administrator

September 5, 2023 // Southern Medical Association

Clinton Adkison just recently celebrated his 1-year anniversary with SMA Services. He has been in Third Party Administration for a few years, and prior to that he was an educator.  Clinton hails from the state of Florida and is a proud alumnus of Florida State University.  He is a true asset here at SMA Services; his knowledge, sense of humor and customer service are what his clients truly appreciate.

One of Clinton’s passions outside of 401(k) administration is his love for automobiles.  

“I have always been a ‘gear head’. I love cars. I enjoy working on them and modifying them. As a teen I would add subwoofers and lights to make my car look and sound ‘cool’,” he recalled. “As I matured into my 2o’s I realized it was about speed and performance. I rebuilt my ‘95 Ford Mustang GT (Last of the real 302’s/5.0) and built the block from the bottom up. As he gained knowledge about cars, Clinton also learned some lessons along the way and that with age comes wisdom. “Nothing on that block was stock except the block,” he said. Then I found out when you sell it you do not make the money back that you poured into it. So I decided in my 30’s, to just go ahead and buy it from the factory fast so there will be a resale value. Also, now that I have turned 40 I don’t want to work on cars anymore…I just want to drive them.”

As for what Clinton drives now? “My current car is a 2020 BMW M4 Coupe. The engine is a Twin Turbocharged 3.0L inline 6. 🙂,” he shared.

Clinton is quite the world traveler who enjoys experiencing new and different cultures. He has traveled to Jamaica, Bahamas, Ireland, England, Scotland, Norway, and Japan. “Of all the places I have been, Japan was by far the best. The food is amazing!!! And when you step off the plane everything is different,” he explained. The air smells different, the roads are different, the people are different, and the language is different. Everyone is super respectful and are willing to help in any way they can. The ways of honor are still very prevalent in Japan.” 

Clinton has such great respect for Japan, the people, and its culture that he wanted to learn the language – that is how he met his beautiful wife Tomoyo. who started out as his Japanese language teacher in Florida. They were later married in Japan with her family and they have been married for 7 years.

You can email Clinton at  or call him at (205) 421-4125.

Founded in 1984, SMA Services, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Medical Association that is a leading Third Party Administrator (TPA) providing all-inclusive plan administration, plan design, consulting and compliance services. The Southern Medical Association was founded in 1906 with a mission to improve quality of patient care through multidisciplinary, interprofessional education.

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