Meet the Chair: Natalie Weiss, BA, BS - Southern Medical Association

June 4, 2021

Meet the Chair: Natalie Weiss, BA, BS

Natalie Weiss, BA, BS: Chair of the Physicians-in-Training Committee
Natalie Weiss is an fourth-year MD/MBA candidate at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana, and hopeful future Otolaryngologist. Prior to pursuing a career in medicine, she obtained her BA in Music from Emory University, which led to work as a professional vocalist. Her unconventional background has taught her the value of diversity of thought within her field. She aims to similarly broaden the horizons of physicians-in-training in her community, beginning with development of the SMA’s Physicians-in-Training Leadership Working Group (SMA PIT). She believes that it is vital to teach rising physicians about all aspects of medicine, including the business of medicine, applications of novel tech, lessening of barriers to care, and use of evidence-based best practices.

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