Podcast | Southern Medicine | April 30, 2020

COVID-19 Management in a Nursing Home in Southern California

Dr. Meena Makhijani will discuss the COVID-19 response in her practice, how they have been able to manage the situation in nursing homes, how technology has changed her practice, and what the new norm looks like moving forward.

Meena Makhijani, DO
Dr. Meena Makhijani is a Geriatrician in the Los Angeles area. She works for UCLA in an outpatient clinic and doing nursing home work. She is also the Chief of Staff of the Motion Picture and Television Fund Hospital. Dr. Makhijani is triple board certified, in Geriatric Medicine, Family Medicine, and Integrative Medicine. She had a prior career as an engineer, and has a passion for global relief work. 


Fred Newmark
Fred Newmark has seventeen years of experience in healthcare consulting, recruiting, medical staff planning and development.  His diverse background includes recruiting oversight of 24 hospitals within a large healthcare system, Vice-President of Recruitment for a national Emergency Medicine/Hospitalist Medicine company and Operations Manager for a large national recruiting agency.  Fred also created a Residency Outreach Education program to assist Residents with their post training job search process.  Talks included CV preparation, effective interviewing techniques, how to select and work with recruiters, understanding compensation models, leveraging value and contract negotiation.  Fred now consults as co-founder and Managing Partner of  Newmark Healthcare Services, working with physicians, hospitals and group practices.  He also has a video series called Behind the Curtain of Healthcare that can be found on YouTube.

Andy Mohan, MD, MBA, MSc
Dr. Anand “Andy” Mohan has been working as a physician informaticist for the past 7 years in over 40 + implementations with major hospital systems including Cedars Sinai, PeaceHealth, Inova, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, Massachusetts General, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic amongst other notable healthcare systems.  Dr. Mohan has worked on the inpatient and ambulatory side with all specialties throughout the lifecycle of an implementation. His focus is on clinical workflow optimization, utilizing EHR systems efficiently, and provider adoption. He has been involved in population health initiative technology implementations.  Additionally, he has also led EHR clinical build teams to ensure quality and clinical integrity. He is also one of the Chairs of the Digital Health and Innovation Committee.
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