Project Ideas

What makes a good Medical Heritage project?  Most project ideas fit into one of the following broad categories, included here as examples, but a noteworthy project may be anything that promotes awareness of our medical heritage or records otherwise unacknowledged events and significant contributions to the broad field of medicine within the SMA region.


Examples might feature the life of a past SMA/SMAA or AMA/AMAA president from your county or state, a hospital or medical school founder, a pioneer in a particular medical field, an early midwife or public health nurse, a medical war hero, or a country doctor.  Include information on medicine and medical practice during the period in which they lived.

Medical Collections

Put together, catalogue, or describe and publicize a collection of early instruments or textbooks.  Show the extent of any Alliance contributions.

Histories of Medical Events, Places, Organizations

Examples may include documenting:

  • The story of an epidemic
  • The discovery or development of new drugs or medications or medical equipment or techniques
  • The founding and growth of a hospital, medical school or health department;
  • Medical firsts (such as the first use of anesthesia);
  • Medicine on the battlefields (any US war):
  • The development of local medical societies or alliances, their activities and impact;
  • Accounts of current significant medical events for future generations;

Historical Restorations, Preservations, Museums

Give an account of the restoration process for a historical building, or artifact collection.
Publicize museums or archives which are located in your local community or state.

Identifying or Creating Medical Landmarks/Erecting Historical Markers

Describe the process undertaken to identify or create a marker for historical purposes.

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